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Journal Entry #339 August 13th 2022 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - December 23rd 2017
My future version of myself shuttled me back again to the day it started. This time, I watched from a different dimension. It was as if I was a ghost watching myself. The first time, I fell asleep and blew up the lab. But this time, I whispered in my ear and told myself to wake up. It was just enough to stop the cascade before the explosion. The second after I stopped it, I merged with my other self. 
Journal Entry #338 August 14th 1969 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - December 22nd 2017
I know what tomorrow is, but I’m not sure why we landed here. It must be an alternate version of myself who transported me through time. I hate being at the mercy of someone else without any idea of where I’m going next. Still, it’s been than the mental institution or that Godforsaken rabbit purgatory I was in. Tomorrow’s Woodstock, one of the biggest events of the 60’s. I just need to figure out why my alternate self sent me here.
Journal Entry #337 August 23rd 2021 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - December 21st 2017
My God! I remember everything now. Karen drugged me, but she did it to force me to forget who I was. Plausible deniability. It was the only way to get to Spooks to believe I didn’t know anything about time travel. It took longer than she hoped, so she just kept dosing me. 

I’m so glad to be out of the hospital, but we’re not out of the clear just yet. I’ll have to regroup and get access to the time stream chamber before I know for sure what’s happened in the timeline over the last few days. 
Journal Entry #336 August 22nd 2021 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - December 20th 2017
I don’t know who I am or what I’m doing here. I woke up and thought I smelled paint on the walls, so I touched them. Some of the white paint rubbed off on my hands. When the doctors saw it, they scolded me and gave me some medicine. I was going to ask them what my name was, but after that incident I decided not to ask out of fear. 
Journal Entry #335 August 21st 2021 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - December 19th 2017
I had another one of those dreams, that I was a traveler through time. And then for a second, I thought I saw a ghost. It was an apparition that looked just like me. 

I don’t know why I keep scribbling my daily thoughts on the wall, but it seems to help. I don’t know what else to do. 
Journal Entry #334 August 20th 2021 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - December 18th 2018
I don’t know who I am or what I’m doing here. I woke up and thought I smelled paint on the walls, so I touched them. Some of the white paint rubbed off on my hands. When the doctors saw it, they scolded me and gave me some medicine. I was going to ask them what my name was, but after that incident I decided not to ask out of fear. 
Journal Entry #333 August 19th 2021 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - December 17th 2017
I can’t remember anything. The doctors says I’m delusional. He said I’m suffering from paranoid delusions. I wish I could remember what those delusions are, because I don’t even know my own name. I don’t think I’m violent, and I don’t know why these restraints are necessary. 

Of course, the fact the I’m writing a diary on the wall with my teeth might make me look crazy. But for some reason, I feel the need to document it. 
Journal Entry #332 August 18th 2021 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - December 16th 2017
I don’t remember who I am. I have this journal and Karen, who I vaguely remember. Everything else is a blur. The journal is fantastical, and I find it hard to believe I’m a time traveler. I think she’s telling me this crazy story because something must be wrong with the truth. Maybe I committed some type of crime or hurt a lot of people. Whatever it is, it must be really bad for her to concoct such a ridiculous story. 
Journal Entry #331 August 17th 2021 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - December 15th 2017
My memories are fading fast. Even the words on my journal look like they’re fading. I can’t make out everything that’s happening, but I know this isn’t the first time I felt this way. At least I have someone to help me. Karen filled me in on some of the missing blanks, and even helped me make another copy of a my journal with I can remember it case it goes completely blank. I’m not sure it will be enough if I lose everything, but it’s a start.  
Journal Entry #330 August 16th 2021 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - December 14th 2017
I have two sets of memories now. And my other memories are starting to fade. I don’t know how this is possible. It doesn’t fit in with my understanding of time travel or the multiverse theory, and it doesn’t match what’s happened in my own past. The only other explanation I can think of is if I’ve been drugged or I’m in a universe where different laws of physics apply. I don’t know if that’s even possible, but if I forget my prior life, I’m not sure that will matter. 
Journal Entry #329 August 15th 2021 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - December 13th 2017
The alternate version of myself explained what’s been happening. Today was the nexus that started my journeys through time. My thesis advisor and professor installed a node which he developed and installed with the hopes of gaining the power to time travel. The node transferred information back to him from various versions of the multiverse based on my position and location. It was missing key components, which I inadvertently provided through my thesis. 

My changes last time weren’t enough to prevent him from getting the information. The only solution was to destroy the node. We did that. As soon as we did, the alternate version of me vanished and so did my professor. That leads me to believe he’s not from the original timeline. 

This time feels different. I don’t know if this will be the last that I’m seeing of him, but the lab vanished too. Now it’s just Karen and I who remain. I no longer live at my mom’s house. Everything about my life has changed. 
Journal Entry #328 August 14th 2021 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - December 12th 2017
I’m back in my own time, one day before my prior arrival. This time, Karen told me another version of myself has been shifting me through time and space keeping from the spooks. She said I told her it was the only way to keep me safe and outside the view of the timestream. I don’t know how I did it, but I owe my life to him. 

Karen said it’s critical I don’t show up to the lab tomorrow. I missed something last time around.  
Journal Entry #327 October 20th 1918 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - December 11th 2017
I’m being shipped back to States, but there’s a problem. The Spanish Flu in spreading, and several people in my unit already look sick. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to escape this one even if I make it back to my time. I’ll have to do my best to avoid getting sick, but that will be nearly impossible with the current sanitary conditions and the confined living quarters on the ship. I still don’t know how to get back to my time, and if someone doesn’t intervene soon, I’m screwed. 
Journal Entry #326 October 19th 1918 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - December 10th 2017
I got pulled in by the commander today and the looked over my papers. I had no ID, no orders, and they had no idea who I was other than the fact I was in the trench killing enemy soldiers. I’ve been benched until they can figure out what to do with me. In the meantime, I’m cleaning up the back. 

Still no information about how I got here, or why I’m jumping through time with no time device. I really miss Karen. This isn’t the first time I’ve been separated from her, so I’m hopeful I’ll get to see her again. 
Journal Entry #325 October 18th 1918 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - December 9th 2017
I narrowly escaped today with my life. I’m sure I have a concussion from a blow to my head, but at least I was wearing a helmet. We’re advancing in the trenches, and I know how this battle ends. Or at least how it ended the first time. But it was still bloody. 

I still have no clue how I got here, or what my next move is. There’s little equipment I can use. Without transistors, it will take years and more power than I can collect to build a time device. My only hope is to make it out of there alive and hope some future version of myself in some universe where I exist comes and saves me. 

In the meantime, I’ll put together an impossible plan to put together an impossible time device with no money and zero supplies. And I’ll do it while trying to keep my head from getting blown off. 
Journal Entry #324 October 17th 1918 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - December 8th 2017
I woke up in the Battle of Blanc Mont Ridge. I know next to nothing about World War I except for what I learned in Freshman history and the crash course of important dates during my first trip back through time. But I will never forget it now. 

The heat of the wooden handle and the pinch against my skin from the freshly shot barrel is nothing compared to the feel of a bullet flying one millimeter from your face. And if you’re not quick enough, the shock of it’s enough to get you killed in the trenches. 

I don’t know what’s shuffling me through time and space, but I’ll take the trenches to that freaky bunny rabbit any day. English and French I understand. Foreign parallel universe giant bunny rabbit, not so much. 
Journal Entry #323 Date Unknown - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - December 7th 2017
It’s like I’m living in Alice in Wonderland. Today a giant rabbit visited me in the purgatory I found myself in. I still have no clue why I’m here. The rabbit spoke in a human language, but I didn’t recognize which language or if it’s an Earth language. As quickly as it arrived, it hopped off and left me alone to ponder my existence. 
Journal Entry #322 Date Unknown - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - December 6th 2017
Today everything changed. I went from a black void to a sprawling wilderness. It’s dull, grey, and feels even more like purgatory than the boundless void I just came from. I can feel the dread in the air. It’s an unnatural feeling I’ve never experienced before, almost as if someone else’s emotions are being forced upon me. I don’t know what the heck this is, but I don’t like it. 
Journal Entry #321 Date Unknown - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - December 5th 2017
Another day in the hole. I still don’t know why I’m here or how to get out. I haven’t experienced hunger or thirst that I can tell. It’s almost as if I’m in some kind of purgatory. Maybe this is what the connection between worlds feels like, the absence of space. It’s not a dream. I know that much. But I can’t seem to do any of my bodily functions. It’s almost as if my consciousness still exists but outside my own body is some way I can’t access. 
Journal Entry #320 Date Unknown - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - December 4th 2017
I woke up in a black void. I don’t know when or where I am. I didn’t get a chance to finish my time device, so this is nothing I did. I can’t help but think someone is trying to either help or hurt me. I’m not sure which. I can’t do anything now. I’m at the mercy of this void and whoever sent me here. 
Journal Entry #319 September 19th 2021 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - December 3rd 2017
I hit another snag today. The people who I’m working for discovered the time device and asked that I not work on any electronics in their home. I’m going to have to rent a storage locker to keep it until I’m finished. 

On the bright side, I managed to find most of the components I need. It will take another week or two to purchase a crystal required to power the device, but it’s doable. Still no sign of anyone from my prior life or the timestream, and I’m still discovering idiosyncrasies in this version of Earth. 
Journal Entry #318 September 18th 2021 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - December 2nd 2017
Today I put together the shell of the time device I hope to complete in the coming weeks. It’s not pretty, but I think it will get the job done. I’ll have to improvise on some of the smaller components. It will have a shorter range both temporally and interdimensionally, but I think it will get the job done. 

I feel like I’m going crazy without Karen, but the scrapyard and meager income I’m bringing in may just be enough to figure out what the heck happened. I’m assuming the spooks either changed the timeline so dramatically, it bumped me into a different timeline. Or they could have done this intentionally. I can’t tell just yet.
Journal Entry #317 September 17th 2021 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - December 1st 2017
Today was disappointing with the amount of money I brought it, but I did find a junkyard with a ton of equipment I can use to get started. It might even be enough to scrape together lowtech version of a new time device. 

Still no sign of the spooks or anyone else. It’s like I’m not here, and no one’s looking for me. It’s a sick feeling. I miss Karen. 
Journal Entry #316 September 16th 2021 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - November 30th 2017
I’m found a family that’s willing to take me in for 30 days in exchange for help around the house. It’s won’t give me the cash I need, but at least it’s a start. I can do some odd jobs around the neighborhood for more cash, but it will likely take me several weeks to even get started. My task over the next week is to discover a way to make as much cash as possible legally so I can start building my time device. 
Journal Entry #315 September 15th 2021 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - November 29th 2017
Turns out panhandling is illegal in this version of reality. I managed to take in a little more than a hundred bucks and actually thought I might be able to pull something together on a shoestring. That is until I got nabbed by the cops and they confiscated all my cash. 

I have no ID and I don’t exist in this universe. They didn’t know what to do with me, so they held me overnight then let me go. But I don’t know what I’ll do. I think I might have a plan, but it will take a while to implement. I’ll need to access some charity before I can fully execute. 
Journal Entry #314 September 14th 2021 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - November 28th 2017
Another day on the street begging for cash, and I guess I looked the part because I got $57 today. I managed to get a spot in the shelter, but I’m still going to have to do better than $57 a day to build the time device. There’s been no sign of the spooks, Karen, or anything remotely resembling my prior life. I’ve even started to notice some key differences in this world. I’m clearly in a different timeline.
Journal Entry #313 September 13th 2021 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - November 27th 2017
I slept on the street today and actually begged for cash. I guess I didn’t look the part because I only managed to get $7.32 in donations. Not nearly enough to buy the equipment I’ll need to make a new time device. I did find a couple of homeless shelters and a soup kitchen, so at least I won’t starve. The shelter was full today, but I can go there earlier tomorrow. 
Journal Entry #312 September 12th 2021 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - November 26th 2017
I think I might be royally screwed. I’m literally homeless now. No one knows who I am. I only have the clothes on my back. I can’t access the university. My lab doesn’t even exist. I have no equipment. If I don’t figure out what’s happening soon, I’ll have to concoct a way to create my own time device from scratch. That will be hard without access to lab and with no cash. 
Journal Entry #311 September 11th 2021 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - November 25th 2017
Something’s way off today. Karen vanished. My mirror converter is missing. I can’t access the time stream chamber. Even more strange is that no one knows who I am. My office at the university had someone else’s name on it, and the only thing that were mine were the clothes on my back. Even my ID was missing. 

At this point, I’m at the mercy and my future self or anyone who know what the heck happened to me. It must’ve been the spooks, but without access to the time stream, I can’t be for certain. 
Journal Entry #310 September 11th 2021 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - November 24th 2017
I consulted the apparitions using the mirror converter, and they’re not sure what to do either. They think I should keep looping a few more days until we figure out what exactly we’re dealing with. 

When I got home, I realized things had changed. I’m not even sure how that’s possible. Unless I somehow pushed myself in a parallel universe, changes in my existing time stream aren’t possible. I come create new universes with my present actions, but past actions will create forks. How did I get to another one of those forks? The bigger question is how do I get back?
Journal Entry #309 September 11th 2021 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - November 23rd 2017
I learned the spooks will attempt to stop Nine Eleven. It’s not a problem by itself, because of the multiverse splitting off. But a change on that scale will reverberate across the multiverse and change the present moving forward. I haven’t decided what I’ll do. It could rip the fabric of spacetime, or it could result in a better outcome with no negative results. I’ll need more time to think about my next course of action. 
Journal Entry #308 September 11th 2021 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - November 22nd 2017
I spent several hours viewing the historical records and Nine Eleven and looking through the time stream. The spooks stayed out of my way, but from what I’ve gathered, it appears they’re using this time as a base of operation. I suspect they are planning on making changes to Nine Eleven, maybe even attempting to stop it altogether. I need to discover more information about the operation before I do anything about it.
Journal Entry #307 September 11th 2021 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - November 21st 2017
I just realized today is September 11th. I don’t know if this has anything to do with the attack 20 years ago, but I find it a bit suspicious the spooks just happen to come after my on the 20th anniversary of Nine Eleven. I looked in the time stream and didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary aside for their presence. I’ll keep looping back to the beginning of the day until I get more information about why they're here. 
Journal Entry #306 September 11th 2021 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - November 20th 2017
I saw three spooks today. I jumped back one day and notified the apparitions of what happened. They were confused themselves and couldn’t explain where the spooks came from. We knew nothing was foolproof. The modifications I made to the time device was crude but effective. I was able to jump into the time stream chamber to avoid detection from outside sources. At least I think so. I’ll be looping here for a while again with Karen, until the apparitions and figure out the best course of action. 
Journal Entry #306 September 11th 2021 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - November 19th 2017
It happened again today. While I was sleeping, I felt like I lived a thousands lifetimes. But the feeling you get just as you’re waking up and your dream slips from view, I lost all memory of what happened in those lifetimes. I felt like was in an episode of Stargate SG-1, when I was hooked up to once the Ancients’ devices. And just as soon as the memories were they, they were gone. 

I didn’t bother Karen with the details. I whatever I learned from yesterday, I forgot. I couldn’t find anything else about in the time stream, but I’ll keep working on the device. 
Journal Entry #305 September 10th 2021 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - November 18th 2017
I saw flashes that scared me, memories I knew weren’t my own but somehow were. Before I knew what happened, I fell into the timestream edifice and saw all the possibilities. It that moment, I understood everything. I understood the spooks, the apparitions, the different versions of myself. And Karen. 

After all this time, Karen was the key to the whole thing. 
Journal Entry #304 September 9th 2021 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - November 17th 2017
I jumped back into the time stream chamber and had a long discussion with a peculiar version of myself from an alternate realm. He had a British accent, which I thought was kind of cool. What was even more cool was his insights in my next steps with backups and what we should do moving forward. His ideas triggered a few of my own, and I think I know exactly what I need to do. I just hope I don’t get any visits from more spooks until I can flesh it out. 

Journal Entry #303 September 8th 2021 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - November 16th 2017
I’m taking another day off today. I thought about jumping into the new challenge, but I felt resistance with my mind and decided to give myself the extra time to work through it. I spent the time on a day trip Upstate. It finally started cooling off a bit, so it was a nice day to get away from the city and see a few more trees. 

When we got back, the ideas started rushing it, and I jotted down some things in my notebook. Tomorrow will be busy. 
Journal Entry #302 September 7th 2021 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - November 15th 2017
Today I let my brain rest. I can feel a solution emerging in my thoughts, but I need to let my thoughts and let the idea arrive organically. I know I can connect everything I discovered in some way that uses the mirror converter and my understanding of time and the multiverse to create a more accurate picture of changing time stream. 

I jotted down a couple of idea, but mostly just spend the day with Karen. We had fun. We went shopping, which I rarely do. And we spent the rest of the time sampling different cafe’s in the city.
Journal Entry #301 September 6th 2021 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - November 14th 2017
I dug deep into my thesis again today. I got the feeling my thesis advisor was up to no good. He had his eye on me off and on, and I know he’s in communication with the government. For now, I think I’m safe. I’ve kept everything out of there that could lead to anything about time travel getting discovered, and the “apparitions” bought me a lot of time to figure things out. 

I did let my guard down a little in the afternoon with Karen. We went by the lake today to feed the ducks. I didn’t even look over my shoulder. I don’t know how much longer that will last, but it was a great day.
Journal Entry #300 September 5th 2021 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - November 13th 2017
I sat down with Karen and discussed the reality that we’ll never be truly safe. There will also be some possible version of myself or someone coming after me since in most worlds, I’m the inventor of time travel. We even talked about taking on a new identity. I brought that up. It didn’t phase her. She was supportive, and suggested I do what I felt was right. 

So I said we’ll stay here. We’ll stick with the plan, and we’ll put down the deposit for our new place. If someone comes after us, we’ll deal with it when the time comes. 
Journal Entry #299 September 4th 2021 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - November 12th 2017
I spent the better part of the day talking with the apparitions, or more accurately, variant versions of myself. Turns out, there’s an entire network of alternate universe copies of me. But the infinite number of universes also creates infinite networks of me. They all interact in someway. There’s no clean way to track everything, but the very nature of infinite. There’s only ways to track sections or sectors, but that’s still finite. 

What this means is that I can never now with 100% certainty the outcome of the timestream. I can only create certain levels of probability that are themselves only probabilities. 
Journal Entry #298 September 3rd 2021 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - November 11th 2017
I’m guessing you figured out I resolved the issue, considering you’re reading this diary journal. Yes, I went back into the time stream chamber and discovered the what was happening. Turns out, it was all a rouse. The apparitions were versions of myself who were cooperating to psyche out the spooks and make them think they destroyed me. They were essentially double agents. 

Once they were completely in phase with my universe, they “activated” the self-destruct device, which threw me backwards a split second in time while they pulled a switcheroo on the spooks. 
Journal Entry #297 September 2nd 2021 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - November 10th 2017
One day left, and I still haven’t discovered what makes this thing tick. I can’t use any of my time devices to leave, and time is running out. I’m not sure I have much hope left if I can make any progress. The device doesn’t have any openings I can see, and the language makes no sense. I have no choice but to take it to a linguist at the university. I’m not sure how well that will go over, but I have no options left at this point. 
Journal Entry #296 September 1st 2021 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - November 9th 2017
Holy smokes! It’s the device I took from the time stream chamber that’s set to self destruct! The apparition must have placed it in phase with this universe and time stream. Only two days left before it goes off. I tried jumping to another time, but something from the device is preventing the tachyon stream from engaging. If I don’t discover a way to shut off the device, this universe and timeline is screwed. 
Journal Entry #295 August 31st 2021 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - November 8th 2017
I visited the time stream chamber again today, and the apparitions were even more clear. I swear I could’ve of touched them, but I tried, and my hand went right through them. It appears that they’re getting more in phase with my universe or time stream. I’m still not sure what they’re doing, and I haven’t figured out why their here. I got a clearer picture of their computer screens, and it looks like some kind of self destruction sequence. I saw the date. It’s three days from now. 
Journal Entry #294 August 30th 2021 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - November 7th 2017
I jumped in the time stream chamber and saw the apparition, or I should say apparitions today. They looked like they were talking to each other. They were clearly, like they were more in phase with this universe. One looked like he noticed me. When he did, they suddenly vanished. For a second, I could see what was on their computer screens. I only captured a piece. It will take time to decipher what they were looking at. 
Journal Entry #293 August 29th 2021 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - November 6th 2017
I managed to complete the device today, and I took the time to tell Karen I need to go back inside to discover who the apparition was and what the device was it left. She understood, but was concerned what it meant. The good thing was the backup device took the sting off possibility, so she seemed okay with it. I’ll go it tomorrow. Wish me luck.   
Journal Entry #292 August 28th 2021 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - November 5th 2017
The backup device is nearly ready. I’ll still need a couple more days for the smallest components, but I can jerry rig it in a pinch. After I finished working on the device, I got to thinking about the object I found in the time stream portal. I don’t know how much longer I can keep my head in the sand. I’m debating on when to talk to Karen about it, but I think I’m going to have to risk it sooner rather than later.  
Journal Entry #291 August 27th 2021 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - November 4th 2017
It was a tiring afternoon. I worked my but off figuring out a way to shrink the components I needed without using the university lab. I would just go to my time stream portal, but the last time I stayed their for any period of time I ran into the apparition which I still haven’t completely figured out. Then there’s the matter of the foreign device with the unintelligible hieroglyphics. 

Even without access to either, I managed to make some progress. It will take a few more days to get all the supplies I need, but it’s worth it to avoid the attention of my principal investigator and thesis advisor. 
Journal Entry #290 August 26th 2021 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - November 3rd 2017
I spent the day with Karen by the lake. I rigged a temporary two-step back up on the time device before I left just in case something funky happened while we were gone, but fortunately we didn’t have to use it. Tomorrow I’ll get started on the more complicated engineering and physics I’ll need to solve for step three. 
Journal Entry #289 August 25th 2021 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - November 2nd 2017
I grabbed a ton of supplies today and started working on the backup device. It’s the first time in a while I’ve gotten my hands dirty on research. After that, Karen and I did some apartment hunting. We narrowed down a few choices, and assuming we don’t jump again in the near future, looks like we’ll make another attempt at settling down for at least a few months. 

I haven’t noticed anything unusual about my thesis advisor, so perhaps my plan is working. I won’t really know for a while, but I’ll keep feeding watered down information into my thesis while building up a second base of operation. 
Journal Entry #288 August 24th 2021 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - November 1st 2017
After thinking it over, I decided to create a backup triple fail safe within my time device. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before. The time device will have two time triggers built in, one within the time device itself and one from the time stream room. If I don’t automatically click the alert, it will return to the time stream chamber. I the time stream chamber doesn’t get the notification within a specified time, the chamber will then send the time device one hour before it’s last confirmed notification.
Journal Entry #287 August 23rd 2021 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - October 31st 2017
It almost feels like I’m doing nothing and letting the spooks win even though I know I’m doing the smart thing. I need time to evaluate the best course of action. Working on the updated failsafe is good enough for now. I’m also changing time slowly through the modifications to my thesis on time travel, but without peering into the future, it won’t make much difference. 

I did discover a couple of possible ways to build a failsafe within the time device. I’ll need to grab some supplies tomorrow to test it out. 
Journal Entry #286 August 22nd 2021 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - October 30th 2017
I’ve continued to work on my modified thesis. I’ve checked the time stream for changes, but haven’t looked into the future with possible choices I might make. It’s the safe route. I haven’t heard from any other versions of myself, and I haven’t done anything with the device I find a few days ago. For now, I’ll take a wait and see approach. 

What I am going to do is set up a new backup failsafe. All my other backups didn’t work out so well. I’m still working on the specifics, but I should have something together in the next few days. 
Journal Entry #285 August 21st 2021 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - October 29th 2017
For now, I decided to outline a plan and hold off on looking into the mirror converter. I’ll take the time I have to lay down some roots here and make a minimal footprint while Karen and I decide what to do next. I’ve been too impetuous. I’ll give myself more time to reflect before doing anything else. Of course, fate may have other plans. But for now, I’ll continue writing a subdued version of my thesis while I plan on possible outcomes with using the mirror converter to alter the future. 
Journal Entry #284 August 20th 2021 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - October 28th 2017
I looked at two potential options in the time stream: Doing nothing, and then doing something with the device that was left for me. I didn’t see any major just if I just ignored the device I found and left it here. But if I tried to discover what it does, there are several major different outcomes. Some are much better than doing nothing, and some are equally worse. So now I’m at a crossroads. Do I leave it alone so I don’t risk making things worse, or do I try and make a change. 

The hard part, is that people can see me looking into the time stream, so it’s like Schrödinger's cat. Looking into the future changes the outcome. I’ve already changed it a little, so it’s not as simple as seeing what each tiny little next step yields the best outcome. I’ll talk it over with Karen and do some soul searching before I decide. 
Journal Entry #283 August 19th 2021 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - October 27th 2017
I jumped in the time stream field today looking for the apparition. I didn’t see him, but I did find a device on the platform next to the baryonic converter, which leads into a raw stream of tachyons. The device is written in a language I don’t recognize. It could be alien or ancient, I’m not sure. 

The other thing is that I noticed glitches in the time stream itself. You could almost call them apparitions. It seems too much of a coincidence to be unrelated to what happened yesterday or the strange device I found. I can only surmise it’s an alternate version of myself in some reality making changes that affects both timelines. 
Journal Entry #282 August 18th 2021 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - October 26th 2017
I inspected the time stream again today, and I found what looked like an apparition in their with me. I saw what looked like a person from the corner of my eye, but it vanished when I looked directly towards it. At first, I thought my mind was playing tricks on me, but then I waited a few times then suddenly turned towards it. The apparition looked like a warp version of me. It was faint, and couldn’t speak. My guess is it’s a version of me from a version of the multiverse almost perfectly synced with our own, but slightly out of phase within the tachyon field. I’ll have to pursue this thought further over the coming days. 
Journal Entry #281 August 17th 2021 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - October 25th 2017
After closely reviewing the outline for my thesis, which I just got started at this point in the timeline, I’ve completely rewritten my proposal. I can’t be for certain, but I believe the audacious claims I made in my initial proposal regarding time travel is what sparked my advisors initial consultation with government officials and likely led to my eventual monitoring. 

The time stream device suggests a positive outcome, so I’ll continue with this plan and hopefully buy additional time work out a more permanent solution. My hope is that this is the solution. Karen seemed to like the idea. 
Journal Entry #280 August 16th 2021 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - October 24th 2017
I jumped in the time stream device with the mirror converted and see my thesis advisor will still eventually discover I caught on to his snooping. I have a few months before that will happen, so I’ll test a few ways to change the outcome. If it doesn’t work, I’ll loop back and make more changes. 

Karen’s a little bummed we lost our new apartment in the process, but we get to start the whole process all over again. She doesn’t seem as excited as last time, but I guess that’s to be expected. I wonder if the excitement of time jumping is starting to wear off on her. 
Journal Entry #279 August 15th 2021 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - October 23rd 2017
Looking at the time stream, I discovered my thesis advisor began monitoring my progress for over a year. The best way to completely rid the timestream from the information he fed the spooks was to go back one year, where I first tracked his influence. Anything before this point would have minimal impact. 
Journal Entry #278 August 17th 2022 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - October 22nd 2017
I proved my suspicions were correct. I jumped back and looped in today and found the documents my professor was clamoring for when he tried to hide when he saw me. Turns out, he’s bugged my office and my home. He knows I have Karen with me, and he’s been listening in our conversations since I jumped here a few days ago. I’m going to have to jump back and feed him bogus information to throw the spooks off our trail. 
Journal Entry #277 August 17th 2022 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - October 21st 2017
I think my professor realized I’m on to him. He was shifting around his office. When he saw me, he stopped. It was completely unnatural, like he was trying to act as if he wasn’t doing anything. There was clearly something odd about his behavior. I’m going to see if I can jump back one day to poke around when he’s out. I’m doing to discover why he’s sold me out.
Journal Entry #276 August 16th 2022 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - October 20th 2017
I was shocked today to discover it was my thesis professor himself who was the one responsible for most of the trouble in the time stream. Looking closer into the what happened in one a my future self’s timelines, my advisor ran a parallel program he used to feed the government my technology for military secrets. This makes my goal more complicated, but at least now I know what created the spooks in the first place. 
Journal Entry #275 August 15th 2022 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - October 19th 2017
Something popped up in the time stream. I reflected on specific sections that would include or leave out of my modified thesis, and I’m starting to get a clearer pictures of the ripples I’ve created (or will create) in the time stream. It’s possible I can avoid too much damage if I leave a couple sections out, but I’ll need to make additional changes within the thesis to still be relevant if I leave out the offending portions. 

On a positive note, Karen found an apartment she really likes, so we’re going to fill out an application and see how it goes. 
Journal Entry #274 August 15th 2022 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - October 18th 2017
My knowledge of time travel will get out eventually, so I decided it’s best if I control the narrative. I’ve rewritten half my thesis on quantum entanglement’s role in the multi-dimensional time stream. I’ll submit a proposal in a month, after I’ve finished polishing it around the edges. 

At home, Karen found several places she think would be good for us. I brought up the word marriage in passing to see where she was with the idea. Her eyes lit up like a Christmas tree when I did. This weekend we’ll go apartment hunting. 
Journal Entry #273 August 14th 2022 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - October 17th 2017
It’s nice to have my old lab back, but my place is too small for Karen and I. I’m not sure how much longer I’ll stay here, but it’s possible I could be here for awhile. I may need to look for a new place if I do, so Karen spent the better part of the day looking for new apartments while I was working in my lab.

On the spook front, nothing to report. I have been able to make additional progress with my notes, but I’m still deciding how much I’ll report and how much I’ll leave out. It’s possible, my publication of my theory could be what led to the rise of the spooks in the first place. I’ll need to tread carefully. 
Journal Entry #272 August 13th 2022 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - October 16th 2017
I don’t know why it didn’t dawn on me before, but I decided to go back to the very first day before I screwed things up. This time, I took Karen with me, and I avoided the damage I caused to my lab. Instead, I spent the entire day inputting equations and theories I’ve discovered to be true since I began time jumping. 

I haven’t decided how much I reveal, if I ever will, to anyone except for Karen. But I think I may be able to avoid creating the spooks in the first place. I know the timeline I’m in now seems okay, but I don’t trust it, not with everything that’s happened already. 
Journal Entry #271 March 24th 1949 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - October 15th 2017
For a moment, I thought we were being chased again. When I looked, it was just a pick pocket. Strange for 1949, but not completely uncommon. I spent several hours in the time stream looking around just to make sure I didn’t miss anything. The spooks are still transformed and leaving us alone. Still, the scare was enough to jolt me from the vacation I’ve been having with Karen. Tomorrow we’ll transport to another time. I just haven’t decided when or where yet. 
Journal Entry #270 March 23rd 1949 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - October 14th 2017
I spent a total of thirty seconds peering into the time stream. The rest of the time I did absolutely nothing. I vegged with Karen overlooking the water from our ridiculously expensive but oh so worth it loft. I spent even more time kissing her. I’m not sure how much longer this respite will last, but I’m going to enjoy every moment of it while it does. 
Journal Entry #269 March 22nd 1949 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - October 13th 2017
This place is amazing. I should have come here before. Working in the lab for half my life, I sometimes forget how beautiful this planet can be. Karen certainly hasn’t taken it for granted. I need to learn how to be more like her. 
Journal Entry #268 March 21st 1949 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - October 12th 2017
I took Karen to the French Riviera to visit Picasso. She’s fanatical about his style and his art. I’m a fan myself. It wasn’t hard to pin down his location in the time stream. We could still see scars from the war. Picasso loved this side of France. We drank coffee with him, and he even sketched a few lines of Karen, signed and gave it to her. I embellished a story to convince him to see us, but it wasn’t hard. Karen was ecstatic. 

We’re going to stay here for at least for a few more days. There are no signs of the spooks bothering us, so we’ll make the most of it. 
Journal Entry #267 March 23rd 1992 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - October 11th 2017
With the help of my future selves, we carried out the plan to eliminate the spooks. My trip back through time avoided the backlash we created when we tested out the plan, and so for it appears successful. That says, we did end up creating more spooks, it’s just that the spooks now appear to have an internal code of ethics and structure to minimize corruption in their ranks. The time stream shows that we should be left alone for the foreseeable future. I think it’s time Karen and I went on vacation. 
Journal Entry #266 March 22th 1992 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - October 10th 2017
I jumped back two days and informed my duplicates about the outcome of our plan to get rid of the spooks. They were oddly skeptical at first, but after I fed them more specific details, they understand the problem and what needed to be done. Tomorrow we’ll implement the plan we only tested in the last loop. This is going to be interesting. 
Journal Entry #265 March 24th 1992 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - October 9th 2017
The effects of eliminating the spooks was the opposite of what we hoped. It multiplied their numbers by a factor of ten. What’s even more strange is that it looks like it’s a massive improvement. We haven’t actually carried out the plan, but merely looked at the potential outcome. I fear, though, we tipped off the spooks to the plan, and now it’s clear they’re going to do everything they can to try and stop us. 

The spooks weren’t supposed to be able to see what we saw, but somehow they planted a device in the mirror converter that relayed the signal. We’re deciphering exactly how it works, but now we have even less time than we did before. 
Journal Entry #264 March 23rd 1992 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - October 8th 2017
The thing about the time stream device is that it shows you potential outcomes when you anticipate a change. It’s like you think about something, like you’re actually going to do it, and then you’ll see ripples and big changes on the screen. 

After we traced the origin of each of the spooks and put out intentions to erase them from history by making sure their parents didn’t meet at the exact time, and that’s actually all that’s required, then we should see the changes materialize. The reason the grandfather paradox does not hold, is because of the branching universe. Still, there are ripples across the multiverse, since each universe is not in a vacuum and affects other universes. 

We weren’t sure what would happen. We did see a change in the time stream, just not the one we were expecting. 
Journal Entry #263 March 22nd 1992 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - October 7th 2017
We put in a mammoth effort and completed our trace of all the spooks. I’m feeling optimistic we might be able to put all this craziness behind us once and for all. Tomorrow we’ll put together the outline of exactly how we plan on doing it, but the basics is that we’re going to go back in time and make sure each one of the spooks were never born. I know traditional time travel science says that’s not possible because of the grandfather paradox, but we know now the mutliverse theory gives us different options. 
Journal Entry #262 March 21st 1992 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - October 6th 2017
I spent ten hours tracking as many spooks as possible. Between the seven versions of myself, we were able to track over a hundred different people. The time stream device and mirror converter suggests there are less than a thousand critical lifelines connected to the spooks. If we can track each one, we’ll have a better chance at targeting them and figuring out our next steps. 

I didn’t do much else. The work was mentally exhausting, but I did manage to have a nice late coffee with Karen. She’s excited about taking the fight to the spooks. I can’t blame her. 
Journal Entry #261 March 20th 1992 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - October 5th 2017
I’ll be in ‘92 for another week, but it would be nice to stay longer. I have fond, uneventful memories from the early nineties. 

I spent half the day in brainstorming sessions for multiple versions of myself. We’ve come to a consensus that there’s a high probability the time stream would be strained but survive a direct assault on the childhood of each spook. It’s a gutsy strategy, but I think it’s time we take the fight to them instead of waiting to get picked off whenever they darn well please. I’ll see you in a weak spooks. You better get ready, because we’re coming after you!
Journal Entry #260 March 19th 1992 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - October 4th 2017
I had the same dream again last night, only this time, the spooks were wearing masks. At the very end of my dream, they took of the masks. I was underneath the mask. They were all me. I told Karen about my dream and she told me it makes sense I would dream about something like that. She reassured me like she always does. 

I put aside the dream by focusing on the new idea. The concept focuses on the timeline of each of the spooks. It allows us to beat them at their own game by violating the traditional grandfather paradox. It’s going to be fun. 
Journal Entry #259 March 18th 1992 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - October 3rd 2017
Last night I dreamed my time traveling was all in my head. In the dream, I woke from my bed in a panic as paramedics dragged me onto a stretcher and forced me into a straight jacket. When I stood up, I was in a cold sweat. I suppose it’s possible I could be completely nuts, but Karen said if I was crazy, I probably wouldn’t question my sanity. She also said, she hopes she makes a good imaginary friend. I can say, she’s the best. 

Ironically, the dream gave me an off the wall idea about how we might be able to further evade the spooks and change our strategy to a more aggressive one. I’m still outlining the idea, but if it works, it could be a game changer.
Journal Entry #258 March 17th 1992 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - October 2nd 2017
I’m not sure why the randomizer selected today. I don’t remember much from ‘92. The time streams shows a couple of bombings and a Russian launch into space, but those were low impact events compared to other historical dates. Of course, the randomizer doesn’t select only impactful days in history, the whole point is to throw the spooks off our trail. 

On that front, none of the other versions of myself have had any luck on a way to stay in place for very long without the spooks picking up our impact in the time stream. We’re here for thirteen days. I guess that’s one benefit of landing on a day with minimal significance. 
Journal Entry #257 June 12th 1989 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - October 1st 2017
Reagan delivered his Berlin speech. I’ve rarely been moved the way I was when I watched it live. Karen trembled when he said, “Tear down this wall.” In that moment, all the problems we ever experience about time travel faded. It was like we were there for the first time. In truth, we were. But it was as if we were experiencing history without prior knowledge of the past. My heart jumped. My adrenaline raced, and I felt like anything was possible. I needed that experience. I’m not sure what I was expecting. We weren’t in Berlin, but the way our emotions took control, we might as well have been.
Journal Entry #256 June 11th 1989 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - September 30th 2017
We saw a perturbation in the time stream. We’ll watch the speech closely tomorrow for any changes. I have no doubt the spooks are up to something, but other than Reagan’s speech, the time stream didn’t show any big changes. I’ve never seen Karen this way, she said her dad was a big Reagan movie fan. I guess she’s getting a kick out of him contributing to the end of the Cold War. 
Journal Entry #255 June 10th 1989 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - September 29th 2017
Karen diggs Duran Duran. I have to admit, I like them too. Two more days ‘til Reagan’s speech, and we haven’t noticed anything unusual in the time stream. I guess I should brace myself for following the Battlestar Galactica storyline, only jumping randomly through time instead of space. This may actually work, at least for awhile. 
Journal Entry #254 June 9th 1989 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - September 28th 2017
The randomizer dropped us in 1989. I have fond memories of this year. My guess is Reagan’s famous “Tear down this wall,” speech has something to do with my the randomizer suggested this time. Karen’s excited about the speech. We plan on being here for the next few days at least, then we’ll see when the randomizer decides to send us. At least for now, I’ll take few days rest. 
Journal Entry #253 February 17th 1984 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - September 27th 2017
I met four versions of myself and three versions of Karen today. We all were trying to figure out the same thing: How can we shake the spooks. There’s no easy answer. Each time we think we figured something out, they find a way to snap back. They’re like resistant bacteria. The randomizer is an idea that has the most merit, but even that isn’t foolproof. For now, it’s the only tool we have. 
Journal Entry #252 December 31st 1938 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - September 26th 2017
I had a long conversation with my future self. I discovered the spooks are trying to control the threads of time, literally. They plan to create a network of worlds with similar but different timelines and switch the primary occupants of that timeline if they time travel without the spooks approval. The spooks created temporal trackers that will allow them to locate and transport whoever they choose across time and space. I’m not sure on all the specifics of how, but it’s a troubling development. 
Journal Entry #251 November 9th 1953 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - September 25th 2017
I future version of myself rescued me from the pit the spooks threw me in back in 1941. Turns out they didn’t stop the war. It was only a test run to draw me out into the open. They wanted me to show them my hand and I did. The good news is that my future self developed a similar cloaking device based on technology that doesn’t require tachyons. It’s not foolproof, but I guess the closer to foolproof the more likely the spooks were likely to develop the same parallel technology. 

My future self devised an ingenious way to avoid that. He created a randomizer to insure a nearly impossibly likelihood the same tech would be developed. The only downside is that it limits the most effective solution and forces us to create tech with less than optimal materials and ideas. Still, it’s effective, so I won’t complain. 
Journal Entry #250 December 7th 1941 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - September 24th 2017
I can only assume the Spooks have averted the attack on Pearl Harbor. If I'm right, it won't take long for the ripples to spread out among the localized clusters in the multiverse. For now, I'm stuck in this hole.
Journal Entry #249 December 6th 1941 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - September 23rd 2017
I woke up in a hole somewhere in the Southern Japan. I can’t see anything or hear anything, and this journal is scribbles in the sand. I don’t know how the spooks did it, but I’m here alone. The backup time device I implanted in my arm is gone and replaced with a deep gash. They must’ve been watching me the entire time. I don’t know what their plans are. I just hope Karen is okay. 
Journal Entry #248 December 5th 1941 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - September 22nd 2017
I now have three people helping me track down the spooks. I’ll have to re-recruit them each time I loop back, but If I do it long enough, it might just work. I’ve gotten no other indication about the spooks motives, but if I had to guess, I’d say there intent was to destroy the local cluster of universes in the multiverse. They might be working together with spooks from other universes in other timestreams. It’s the only thing that makes much sense. 
Journal Entry #247 December 6th 1941 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - September 21st 2017
Karen and I recruited a young GI to help use track spooks. Truthfully, I’m not sure what extra help he can provide by himself, but I plan to grow my network over time. I’ll have to see which ones believe me and which ones don’t. So far, the time stream viewer and mirror converter haven’t been too helpful. The spooks continue to hide themselves, with what my guess is another mirror device. I can only hope I can stop them before it’s too late. Otherwise, we’ll be permanently stuck in the past. 
Journal Entry #246 December 5th 1941 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - September 20th 2017
I looped back two days and the spooks are repeated the exact same steps from what I can tell in the time stream. It will take awhile to figure out exactly what they are doing. I think I’ll have to recruit some locals from this time to help, but considering that the spooks are helping the US beat Japan, that may prove difficult. On the plus side, Karen is digging the outfits. 
Journal Entry #245 December 6th 1941 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - September 19th 2017
The spooks did the unthinkable. They warned the government of the pending Japanese attack. I’m not sure what to do now. There’s simply too many of them for me to attack alone. If I continue on tomorrow, the shockwave to the timestream won’t just change one branching universe, it could collapse the branch and collide with all other branches connected to it. It makes no sense. I’ll have to loop back. I can’t stay here tomorrow. If I do it will be too late. 
Journal Entry #244 December 5th 1941 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - September 18th 2017
I’m not sure why the spooks decided to jump back two days before Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, but my guess is they want to change the outcome of the war. I’m not sure why. It doesn’t make much sense. The spooks have always tried to protect time, even to the detriment of their own agenda. Their footprints have been surgical. Even though they can flip back to their original timeline before the branching universe, they held the belief big changes could still change things permanently. And I can’t ignore the fact they’re this big event 48 hours away. I spent as much time as I could setting up my backstory and discovering the immediate surroundings. If I don’t figure what’s going on in 48 hours, I repeat the days and see what else I learn. 
Journal Entry #243 January 2nd 2000 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - September 17th 2017
The world was a much simpler time before Nine Eleven. Simpler, I think, then even in Karen’s tumultuous decade of the 70’s. Optimism was commonplace. Now, much of the world is resigned to misery. I can’t say I haven’t been affected, but I still am an optimist at heart. I think that’s one of the things Karen loves about me. It’s certainly one of the things I love about her. I’m not sure what we’ll do tomorrow, but tonight I’ll spend one more hour with her and watch the silhouette of the city lights against the Hudson.
Journal Entry #242 January 1st 2000 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - September 16th 2017
After seeing myself again, I decided I needed a change of scenery. What better place than the turn of the new century. I was convinced Y2K would end the world. It was the last time I believed in conspiracy theories and the first time that time travel captivated me. I wanted to turn back time so I would have looked so foolish about being an idiot. It was a great day, and a great year for that matter. The only problem was I was with the wrong woman at the time. Karen is who I should have been with. That’s all fixed now. 
Journal Entry #241 August 14th 2021 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - September 15th 2017
Day 28 of the time loop, and I had another drama free day with Karen. That is, until a future version of myself popped in for a visit. It was completely unexpected, and I still don’t understand how he did it, considering I was in a sealed off pocket universe at the time. This changes everything. While it may have only been a version of myself, I’m wondering what this means about other people popping in unannounced. My mirror converter completely missed it. He said he used a masking signature. Looks like I’m in another time travel arms race. 
Journal Entry #240 August 14th 2021 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - September 14th 2017
Day 27 of the time loop, and it’s honestly the first time I feel like I can take a breath. I have backups in place and a daily routine to check for spooks across the time stream using the mirror converter. I have emergency triggers that will kick in if we don’t automatically signal them daily. It all means Karen and I have the peace of mind to enjoy the next month’s worth of time looping until we decide what to do next. Today we spent the afternoon at another fabulous restaurant and then practices playing music for hours. It was wonderful. 
Journal Entry #239 August 14th 2021 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - September 13th 2017
Day 26 and the mirror converter shows the spooks are on the move, or at least the faction of spooks that don’t have their own mirror converter. It does appear they’ve had a plan all along to jump into this day in less than six months in an attempt to kill Karen and I. Since I know their plan, Karen and I agreed to stay here at least another month and decide what to do next. With the immediate threat of the spooks on the back burner, we can focus our time on enjoying life, and I’ll continue with my time travel research. I’ll check in daily, just to keep an eye on the spooks in case things change or they know that I know that they know.
Journal Entry #238 August 14th 2021 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - September 12th 2017
Day 25 of the time loop, and for the first time in awhile, I feel like I beat the spooks. The only problem is that every time I’ve had this feeling, something has always caught me off guard and brought be back to square one. The good thing is that this time, I have several back ups in play. Karen and I both have miniature emergency time devices embedded in our skin ready to take us back to a specific safe moment in time. I also know how the mirror converter and pocket universes work, so I can reconstruct it any time within the late twentieth century or later with no problem If I get stranded in time for some reason. I’m still devoting a reasonable about of time viewing the time stream for any anomalies, and while things are going well, I’m spending time with Karen enjoying all the five star restaurants and learning how to play the guitar. I still play like crap, but at least that’s better than I played a month ago, so progress. 
Journal Entry #237 August 14th 2021 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - September 11th 2017
Day 24 of the time loop, and I’ve discovered a faction of the spooks know exactly what I do regarding the pure pocket universes and have their own version of the mirror converter. I shouldn’t be surprised, considering the multiverse literally has an infinite number of possible outcomes. The good news is that from what I can tell, the faction that possess that knowledge aren’t interested in interfering with branches of the timeline where I share the same knowledge. They’d rather go after low hanging fruit. At least that’s what I’ve been able to gather from the mirror converter and my time stream computer. That still leaves the spooks who lack a mirror converter. The good news there is that I’ll always have advanced warning when they plan on invading my current spacetime position. Theoretically, I’ll never have to run into them again. 
Journal Entry #236 August 14th 2021 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - September 10th 2017
Day 23 of the time loop. The pocket universe I’ve created, combined with the mirror converter, revealed some shocking secrets about the spooks. I discovered the group has numerous variations in different sectors of the multiverse, but nearly all of them have roots in either law enforcement or university ethics departments. The nexus of their origin stems from a UC Berkeley course, Temporal Ethics, which the school founded thirty years in the future as a reaction to protests after my first major publicized breakthrough in time travel in 2023. Different factions formed, many of which the Republic of California corrupted after the Second Civil War in 2055. There is one breakaway faction, which appears more sympathetic to my cause. The faction has numerous law enforcement members, which frequently clash with the University.
Journal Entry #235 August 14th 2021 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - September 9th 2017
Day 22 of the time loop, and I think I may have a working prototype. I’ll have to run a few tests before I use it on the spooks, but the computer simulations look promising, and I haven’t had any negative reactions from the probes. We may be getting out of this loop sooner than I anticipated. I can only hope. Although, I don’t mind spending more time here with Karen, watching the same things happen over and over again does get a bit old. 
Journal Entry #234 August 14th 2021 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - September 8th 2017
This is Karen. Bobbie gave me the honor of writing in his journal today. I’ve been asking him for awhile, and he finally agreed as long as he could add a sentence or two at the end. I don’t know much about time travel. Bobbie is the expert on that kind of stuff. All I wanted to say is that I love him, and I’m happy fate has turned the way it has. I know Bobbie hates running from everyone who’s been after us, and it hasn’t always been safe or easy, but if none of that stuff happened, we would never have met. I wouldn’t be here. So, I can’t say that I would do it any other way. I hope he can stop the bad guys, but no matter what happens, I’m glad I had a chance to glimpse the future and find someone I love. 


Bobbie here. Karen really is an amazing woman. I know I’m not supposed to used the word really, but I don’t care. It was another great day. I spent most of the day acting like a tourist with Karen, but I did manage to discover a few secrets about the spooks. I’ll explore those more tomorrow. 
Journal Entry #233 August 14th 2021 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - September 7th 2017
Day 20 of the time loop, and after searching on YouTube for how to build my guitar calluses faster, I came across Eric Clapton’s “secret elixir” of dipping my finger tips into alcohol. I even started pressing the hard end of one of my debit cards against my fingertips while I was working on other things. For the first time since I started practicing, the pain has more than halved. What little was left, I actually enjoyed. It was the feeling of progress. And I hit another milestone today. I finished my first blueprint for the mirror converter. The spooks have been absent from this time loop, but I did hop into a couple of pocket universes today to test out a few theories. I should have a working prototype in the next few days. Tomorrow, I’ll have a special treat for you. Karen is going to write my journal entry for me, but I’ll add a p.s. at the end. 
Journal Entry #232 August 14th 2021 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - September 6th 2017
Day 19 in the time loop, and a feeling of optimism has crept in. Karen is noticeably perkier, and we spend the evening forgetting about time travel and sinking our teeth into some amazing rizzotto at one of the restaurants on our list. For the first time, we also didn’t feel guilty about learning to play instruments. Why should we, anyway? It’s our life! I had the luxury of running some tests early in the morning, and letting the computer run models on potential outcomes based on my designs for the mirror converter. All I needed to do was enter a few parameters, and the AI component of the program could recommend it’s own design changes and run additional simulations while we were away. I inspected the outcomes just before bed, and there were a few that looked promising. I’ll have the computer continue with the simulations while I sleep on it. 
Journal Entry #231 August 14th 2021 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - September 5th 2017
Day 18 of the time loop, and after a few scares, I’m making faster progress than I expected. More dangers await, but at least how I need to beat the spooks is clear. I’m working on the mirror converter to pick up signals from other time streams while in a pocket universe. It’s the only way to avoid complete detection from the spooks but still read information and changes in the time stream from the outside. The beauty of this strategy is that I can create any pocket universe and the spooks will never find me. The only drawback is that I have to return back to some point in time when I exit the pocket universe. For the moment, that time and location is in this time loop. Karen was getting concerned the last few days, but now that she sees I have a strategy, I can see her mood has picked up. I’m not sure exactly how long it will take me to finish the mirror converter, but I’m hopeful I can get it done in under thirty days so I can leave this time loop earlier than expected. 
Journal Entry #230 August 14th 2021 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - September 4th 2017
Day 17 of the time loop, and I broke through. I was under the wrong impression that changes to the time stream always create ripples. That’s true in all but one scenario. Changes don’t create ripples in time stream bubbles, which are essentially ruptures in spacetime that act as pocket universes sealed off from the multiverse. The thing is all pocket universes aren’t created the same. Some give off phantom ripples, which is what I detected from the spooks. Others are pure pocket universes. Quantum entanglement doesn’t apply in those cases because images are reflections and not true copies. This requires a mirror converter. I’ll have to work on that tomorrow. 
Journal Entry #229 August 14th 2021 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - September 3rd 2017
My spying on the spooks nearly cost us our life today. That’s how the time stream works. It’s a scaled up version of quantum entanglement. One change in this universe ripples not just in our time in this universe, but creates an infinite more universes, all which interact with each other. Spooks use a detector which can see those ripples, even when they are tiny. The trick they’ve been using is to create a second ripple to cancel out the other ripple in nearby universes. They can discover an action that makes them almost invisible to those who don’t know what to look for. I do the same thing in my latest detector, but the principle of entanglement still allows others to see if changes happen outside the calm zone. It’s not perfect. That imperfection is what nearly cost us everything today. Luckily, they didn’t notice. I won’t let it happen again. 
Journal Entry #228 August 14th 2021 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - September 2nd 2017
Day 15 of the time loop and I finally got a little reprieve. I of course took Karen along for the ride, just in case something went wrong so we wouldn’t be separated. The pocket time stream I created did exactly what I hoped. I was able to see what the spooks were up to. They have a time cloak, which makes them invisible and allows them to see what they want me to see. They know I’ve been looking, but now they don’t know I know they’ve been looking. I’m going to feed them misinformation then jump back and forth in my own pocket time stream with a time cloak of my own. 
Journal Entry #227 August 14th 2021 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - September 1st 2017
It’s been two full weeks in the time loop, and I’m not making much progress. Aside from eating a some amazing restaurants and fooling around with the guitar, I haven’t nailed down why the spooks have been popping up then disappearing from the time stream. It makes no sense. I’ve been playing it smart to avoid detection, but I’ll have to take additional risk to find out what’s going on. I’ll set up a mini pocket time stream and jump from location there tomorrow if something happens. It will keep this loop disconnected from the spooks view but give me enough of a window to get a better sense about what’s happening. 
Journal Entry #226 August 14th 2021 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - August 31st 2017
Day 13 of the time loop and it’s as if the first ten days or so never happened. I’ve quickened my pace in the hopes of having a workable solution in under a hundred days. If the spooks disappear or reemerge earlier, I’m going to be prepared. Today’s restaurant was a Thai Curry place. The Yelp reviews were spot on. The red curry was my favorite. On the instrument front, I’ve picked up a few chords and learned the basics of reading music, but it’s still going to take a bit longer to develop the calluses need for more advanced work. In the meantime, I’ll have to settle for playing the time stream and finding a way to outsmart the spooks. 

Journal Entry #225 August 14th 2021 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - August 30th 2017
Day 12 of the time loop: The spooks have returned back to the timestream. Thinks look the way they did on the first day. They’ll arrive here in five months. I didn’t do anything significant yesterday, other than visit an amazing Greek restaurant with falafels. Karen and I took a stroll by the river, and then I spent the last few hours working on the usual plan to avoid detection and track the spooks. When I checked their current position, things had reverted back to where they were before. I ran a program to find the cause of the change, but nothing appeared. It was as if the prior ten days didn’t happen.  
Journal Entry #224 August 13th 2021 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - August 29th 2017
Day 11 of the time loop, and the time stream disappeared for a few seconds. I thought my equipment was malfunctioning, but it wasn’t. A serious breach threatened all of existence. I have no idea how the spooks could have destroyed the multiverse. It doesn’t make logical sense. The time stream reappeared, this time with the spooks conspicuously missing. I think they’re somehow avoiding detection, and those efforts are responsible for the blip in the time stream. It’s just a hunch, but I don’t think both occurrences are a coincidence. The shock of the two made it hard to enjoy dinner or think much about anything else. Karen, as always, was good at lifting my spirits.
Journal Entry #223 August 13th 2021 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - August 28th 2017
Day 10 and I’m settling in. It’s going to take a while to develop the calluses I need to play the guitar well, but based on the time I spent practicing this afternoon, I’m well on my way. Karen was smart to try the piano. She’s already playing a few simple melodies, but will have to slow down to learn how to read music. After dinner, the time device alerted me an anomaly in the nearby time stream. The day the spooks arrive shifted back a full year. I’m not sure what I did that changed things, but to be safe, I’m still planning on leaving this loop after five months. 
Journal Entry #222 August 13th 2021 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - August 27th 2017
Day 9 down, and still more than five months to go. I spend a couple hours watching an oldie but goodie, Groundhog Day. I don’t have years like Bill Murray, but after the movie, I decided I might as well make use of the time loop and learn something. I’ve always wanted to learn the guitar, and there’s no time like the present, so why not. Thanks goodness for YouTube. Karen got in on the act too, and decided to try her hand at the piano. I think we’ll make a great duo. Check back in five months on time looping, and I’ll let you know. 
Journal Entry #221 August 13th 2021 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - August 26th 2017
Day 8 in the time loop, and I think I’m starting to shake the feeling I have about the spooks. I’ve got a little more than five months left I can use in this loop to figure it out, and today I got a little closer. I ate at an Asian/Mediterranean fusion restaurant today. The lamb shanks were unbelievable. The amazing dinner inspired me to create filtering mechanism in the time device. It will take a while to develop, but if it works the spooks won’t know what hit ‘em. 
Journal Entry #220 August 13th 2021 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - August 25th 2017
It’s funny how a few weeks or months can make all the difference. Eight months ago I was blissfully unaware the spooks existed. Now they are my life. I’m tired of them controlling my life and what I think. I’m going to make it the other way around. Karen deserves that. I deserve that. The world deserves that. 
Journal Entry #219 August 13th 2021 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - August 24th 2017
Day 6 of the time loop, and I’m starting to get board. I had the feeling nothing I did mattered. I know that’s not true, but the oppressive weight of running from the spooks and finding my direction came crashing down on me and began to suffocate me. Karen could sense my frustration and held me. I felt guilty. There she was, as beautiful and supportive as ever, and I was lost in my own heading looking for direction. She was starting right in front of me. She is my direction. 
Journal Entry #218 August 13th 2021 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - August 23rd 2017
Day 5 of the time loop. I added all the 4.8 to 5.0 star restaurants on my list. We’ll hit up every one we can starting with the top rated while we’re here. I checked Georgio’s off my list today. It was a European Cuban fusion eatery focused on lunch. Karen loved it. She never had Cuban before. I lived in Miami for sixth months when I was younger. It changed my life. I just wish I didn’t fall back into my old ways a year later. It was like it never happened, that is except for my fascination with time travel. That’s where it started. 
Journal Entry #217 August 13th 2021 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - August 22nd 2017
Day 4 of my second time loop, and all I can say is I’m glad I made that list a couple loops back to do one big new thing in the city each day. I know Karen appreciates it too. I spent most of the day searching for a new time to jump if I’m still unable to resolve the issue with the spooks before the end of day one hundred and sixty of this loop. I have the emergency time jumper implant, but I want to select the perfect time absent any spooks or issues. All I’ve been able to do so far are rule out a few days. The spooks visit everywhere eventually. 
Journal Entry #216 August 13th 2021 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - August 21st 2017
I’ve added a workaround in the viewable timestream. The spooks are now visible when they make changes, but only as an echo. They’ve done a good job at masking their presence, but fluctuation in tachyon particles is detectable when I have three separate points of reference for their past locations in time and space. I’m actually able to see how many days I can remain in this loop before they return. I have one hundred and fifty seven more days. I’ll have to accomplish what I need to during that time, which includes finding a way to mask my presence within the timestream along with anyone else important to me. 
Journal Entry #215 August 13th 2021 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - August 20th 2017
Day two in my second time loop, and I haven’t seen any sign of the spooks. They’re still masking their presence in the time stream, so I’ll keep searching and working on a solution to unmask whatever is cloaking them. After mid-morning, I completed all I could for the day and decided to take inventory of all the shows and events in New York. It’s funny how one almost always fails to take full advantage of one’s surroundings while one is there. One feels like they have all the time in the world, so they put off doing what they want to do in favor of work or something else. I’m tired of living like that. I’ve decided I’ll do something everyday to appreciate my surroundings. I wrote down over two hundred things I could do today, so each day I’m in the time loop, I’ll do one of them with Karen. When I finish, I’ll make a longer list, assuming I’m still here. 
Journal Entry #214 August 13th 2021 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - August 19th 2017
Karen and I both were happy for a change of scenery after the recent self-imposed time loop. Two days farther in the past did the trick, no spooks in sight. We’ll stay here a few more days and see what happens. We didn’t use the embedded time device, since it wasn’t an absolute emergency. We did, however, view the time stream to see if our trip back influenced the nearby cluster of branching timelines. So far, we didn’t see anything unusual. But that was also the case before. I’m concerned the spooks found some way to mask their influence in the multiverse. I’ll need to run a few tests and crunch some numbers, but if that’s the case, I might be able to unmask their signature once I triangulate their position in the timestream. 
Journal Entry #213 August 15th 2021 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - August 18th 2017
It’s clear the spooks are looping back with me and carrying memories back with them. I don’t know how their doing it, but they are. They know I’m here too. I’ve decided tomorrow I’ll jump back two days earlier to see if they follow me back. I hope I haven’t screwed things up somehow with my new time device and emergency time implant. 
Journal Entry #212 August 15th 2021 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - August 17th 2017
I’m in a time loop of my own making. At least I’m not alone. Karen is getting a kick out of the whole thing, and we can leave anytime we want. I would just prefer to solve the issue with the spooks now, so we’re not looking over our shoulders. Regardless, I have systems in place with the embedded tracker, the updated time devices, and my time stream lab. Still, I’d like to take Karen to that trip to Monaco and London we discussed. 

The spooks changed their plans today. I’m not sure why. Something I did, or their knowledge of something I did made them take a different route. They’re hidden in the time stream, so I am a bit concerned. I don’t know what they’re up to now.
Journal Entry #211 August 15th 2021 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - August 16th 2017
Yes, the date you see is not a typo. I went back in time one day. It’s my new emergency set point. I made it almost to the end of August 16th when a hoard of spooks arrived. At least it gave me a chance to relive my day with with Karen in the park, though I must admit I wasn’t as enthused about watching the same theatre production the second time around. When the 16th arrived, we were in a safe spot and watched the spooks from a distance. I’m still not sure what they’re up too just yet.  
Journal Entry #210 August 15th 2021 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - August 15th 2017
In the morning, I vanquished thoughts of time travel and spooks and swapped them for a lovely breakfast and lunch with Karen. We strolled through the park after a picnic by a crystal clear pond. In the afternoon, we went to the theatre. I need to spend more time with her. I decided what we need is a proper trip, London and then Monaco. I’ve done more temporal traveling than I have travel out of my zip code. That has to change. 
Journal Entry #209 August 14th 2021 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - August 14th 2017
The timestream flashed red. The alert warns me of large changes within my own timeline by the spooks. I checked all the major sections and intersection points, but nothing jumped out at me. The red is supposed to be followed by an image of the change. I didn’t see anything. I can’t help but thinking it was stunt I pulled to help Mark that might have alerted the spooks. I have the updated time device, just in case they do show up. I added a micro version embedded under my skin to avoid detection. I have to tap it every twelve hours in a specific five tap pattern or the device will bring me back to 48 hours ago. 
Journal Entry #208 August 13th 2021 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - August 13th 2017
I decided to call Mark. I created an untraceable one-way communication device. It had to be one way to prevent the spooks from honing in on my frequency of the call, which they could’ve used to track down my location from the future. I gave him a simple message to check a hole I buried in the ground. I traveled in the past and back again to deliver it. I hope it helps him. I don’t see anything substantial in the timestream that says otherwise about his future fate, so I consider it a good move. 
Journal Entry #207 August 12th 2021 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - August 12th 2017
One of the spooks made an appearance. They visited Mark and pretended to deliver a package. Not the most original move I’ve seen. He must have bugged the package. I would visit Mark and let him know, but the spooks are watching. I’ll have someone give him an anonymous call and tell him he’s being watched. On a positive note, I made more upgrades to my new system. I’ve created two additional time devices that sync up in case Karen ever gets separated from me again. There’s an emergency mode that will jump all three devices into a default timestream location. 
Journal Entry #206 August 11th 2021 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - August 11th 2017
Karen was write to watch and wait. I’ve made some adjustments to the time stream tracker. I can see now how the future version I built began to take shape. So far, the present version can only track big events, but I’m building in components that can track multiple time streams in multiple universes, provided they’re touching mine in some way.

I used a probe to follow my former colleague, Mark. It’s essentially a micro spy cam and wireless audio the size of a pinhead. It was delivered by a butterfly drone and dropped on Mark’s head. It’ll stay there even after he washes his hair. From what I’ve discovered, the spooks are keeping their distance and spying on Mark as well. So far, it looks like the spooks are gathering intel on his progress with time travel and time travel tech.
Journal Entry #205 August 10th 2021 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - August 10th 2017
Life got a little more interesting today. I guess I should be careful what I wish for. The spooks showed up. This time, they weren’t looking for me. I pick them up on my new timestream tracker. They were looking for a former colleague of mine. They weren’t from this time. There were from another timeline where the spooks hadn’t figured out much of the tech they needed for full control as crooked time cops. I’m debating on whether I should go back and stop them. 
Journal Entry #204 August 9th 2021 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - August 9th 2017
If you’ve ever felt lost, adrift in an uncertain world not sure what to do next, that’s how I felt today. My entire life I’ve been so obsessed with time travel. It’s been on my one thing. Now that I’ve achieved it, my why has shifted to avoiding the spooks and being with Karen. I’m not sure if that’s enough. For awhile it kept me going. I had no other choice, but since that last few weeks have been relatively spook free, that urgency has vanished. I need to find meaning again. Maybe it’s too early to be thinking that way. I know the spooks could come from any timestream and any universe instantly, but even if they do, I need more. I don’t what my life to be an endless running game. A waiting game would be even worse. Any life with Karen would be a good one, but I want more for Karen that just a good life. You can call it hubris, but I don’t care. I want a great life.
Journal Entry #203 August 8th 2021 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - August 8th 2017
2021 me in this timestream jumped a couple days ago. I gave him a heads up on where the spooks tracked me down in my timeline and how they were doing it. I told him everything I know. He had no time device since the older version of us hadn’t given it to him yet, but we fashioned one of our own. One not limited by backwards jumps limited to one year increments. It will give him a heads up, but I still wonder if I’ll ever see him again. I haven’t seen the spooks here, but I wonder how long I can stay and take up this life. 
Journal Entry #202 August 7th 2021 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - August 7th 2017
I forgot to mention I jumped without James. The younger version of myself has also decided to part ways. He wanted to avoid the spooks completely before they arrived in this time. The good news is that his spooks will be looking for him in this timestream in this universe, and their equipment is not focused on finding me or any of the infinite versions of myself. I’m about seven months older than I should be, but the difference will go unnoticed by this timeline. Karen and I will take up space in this timeline for a while and fill in the gap of the other me. But we’ll be ready to jump at a moment’s notice should the spooks from any timeline coming looking for me. 
Journal Entry #201 August 6th 2021 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - August 6th 2017
I read over my journal and realized I haven’t been clear with how forks in the time stream are created or how multiple versions of myself appear or disappear. I won’t get too far down in the weeds on the topic other than to say, exotic matter in the universe creates holes in not just space, but also time. Most people have heard of wormholes. They act like folding the universe like a sheet of paper and creating a shortcut so you don’t have to violate the limits of relativity and the speed of light. What most people don’t realize, is that wormholes by their very nature, require movement through time. The way it works is that if you save one light year through the wormhole, you will move either forward or backward through time the same amount. I’ve found a way to capture miniature wormholes that are entangled through space and use their properties at will to project in my current location. In ingenious really!
Journal Entry #200 August 5th 2021 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - August 5th 2017
When most people think about time travel. They think about the paradoxes. I did the same thing. What I learned turned out to be both right and wrong. Paradoxes can exist, just not in the conventional sense. At the point of a paradox, a branch in the multiverse is created. This allows for multiple versions of a time traveler to exist in the same point. At the point of arrival, a new timeline is created, which flows along a fork in the timestream. There are an infinite number of forks. One continues without change, and other continues with the changes. What this means logistically is that once I jump to the past, I create a new time stream that branches from my original one. I would be missing from my current time in my original time stream, but I can coexist with any version of myself in the past or future. 

Here’s where things get tricky. I can jump back to the future where I went missing. In my original timestream, I will be missing since I was in the past, but in an infinite number of more timestreams, my future replacement, that’s myself right now who is slightly older based on the time I’ve spent in the past, can occupy that missing time. No one in the other versions of the timestream will know the difference. Of course, If I stay too long in the past I’ll age a lot more, so I might look like I’m rapidly aging.

What I’ve discovered now is that I can jump to any point and make changes. On the surface, it appears as if a paradox exists, when it in fact does not. The original time stream does not change. I’ve merely created new forks in the multiverse. This is how the spooks have been tracking me down. I’ve only been traveling through time. I’ve been forced into branches (parallel universes), whenever I’ve made changes. What I haven’t done is perfect the ability to travel through parallel worlds absent the act of time traveling. 

Resets, as I’ve learned, takes me to the original fork. There are an infinite number of outcomes at each fork. I must be willing to accept that I will fail in some universes and succeed in others. My focus now is succeeded in the present universe, whenever and wherever that may be. I cannot control the outcome in all other universes, since all possible outcomes exist. I can’t allow myself to feel guilty about that. Now that I’ve figured things out, I jumped back a week before my first time jump. I’ve explained the situation to my younger version of myself. We’re going to work together to stop the spooks in both our timeline. 
Journal Entry #199 October 7th 2004 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - August 4th 2017
I went into the future with James to access his timestream lab. He’s given me the details I need to create my own, which I’ve already done in the future. This time, I’m making some added tweaks to allow myself and Karen to transport immediately to this time and location in an emergency. It’s even better than a reset. In less than a second I can leave the current time and transport Karen and I to 2025 and see the outcome. If it’s not to our liking. I can program the time device to make additional delayed jumps when needed. 
Journal Entry #198 October 7th 2004 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - August 3rd 2017
I convinced Karen it made sense to use the reset. The question now is when would be the best time for a reset and how would it be possible to create multiple resets. At first, I was thinking of going back, but then I realized a full reset would create a time loop that may or may not lead up to this point. The more I thought about it, I realized the reset should be saved for future events when things go haywire. I’ll need to build a failsafe for future time jumps. We’ll have to do it quickly, because James found a convergence in the time stream that’s about to intersect with our current time and position.
Journal Entry #197 October 6th 2004 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - August 2nd 2017
I discussed the reset idea more with Karen. I think I’m beginning to sway her, but you she’s still not there yet. Most of the late afternoon, I spent reviewing everything I’ve learned about the spooks and researched past historical events for anomalies. That’s the term James explained can tip us off to possible intervention in the past by the spooks. We worked together on an algorithm that studies historical events and looks for unusual characteristics. The giveaway is a lull in activity immediately before the big event. In most cases, there are usually a ton of things most people don’t see that lead up to the event. The algorithm hones in on moments in history where those predictors are missing. I’m putting together a chronological map of time in this timestream. Hopefully, Karen will see the spook’s destructive footprints and go along with my plan for the reset.  
Journal Entry #196 October 5th 2004 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - August 1st 2017
I spoke with Karen and James about the reset. Karen thinks it’s a bad idea. Her thinking was that things have been going well compared to when we first met. We haven’t had to run from any spooks or worry about survival, so why mess with things. I’ve never seen her disagree with an idea I’ve had, so it gave me pause. James was more difficult to read when I told him my idea. He gave a probing expression, like he was trying to Xray my soul to find a motive, then he jumped into the details of what must me done to accomplish the reset.

As much as I’ve enjoyed the relative calm in recent days, there is a greater purpose. It’s not just Karen and my safety I’m concerned about. It’s also the fact there exists an entire organization whose sole purpose is to police time, and that organization also happens to be corrupt at its core and wants to kill me, all versions of me in all timestreams. I think the only way to be truly safe and to live with myself is to destroy the organization. It’s a monumental task. It requires that I run towards the enemy instead of away from them. James had the right idea few days back. It may take awhile, but I think Karen will come around to my idea.  
Journal Entry #195 October 4th 2004 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - July 31st 2017
I discovered something from my own research and in talking to James. It’s possible to reset everything. It’s also possible to reset time at any given point. What I did before with Karen wasn’t a reset exactly but a do over. A reset would undo everything, including my memories. I’m done memory wipes too, but that’s still not a pure reset. I wouldn’t even be able to leave myself a note. The trick with resets is to use them when there is a fifty-fifty chance to two different outcomes. The reset would essentially be a forced time loop that branches off when the desired outcome occurs. I won’t know I create a reset or a time loop, but I guess that doesn’t matter. 
Journal Entry #194 October 3rd 2004 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - July 30th 2017
I’m not sure which one of us is the sidekick. Karen still seems happy, but I get the feeling she’s expecting me to make some big decision about our course of action in the near future. I feel the same way myself. James said he got what he needed when the spooks showed up yesterday, which is why we went a decade ahead, to find the location.   
Journal Entry #193 October 2nd 1994 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - July 29th 2017
Today was the first time I’ve seen the spooks in a while. They were clearly shocked I had a tag along, but James said he tweaked the tachyon stream specifically to put them in our path. It was his way of letting them know we can also check up on them instead of the other way around. I’m still not sure what his angle is, but I’m starting to like how he thinks. It would have been nice to stop by six months earlier to attempt to save Kurt Cobain, but I guess there’s always tomorrow.  
Journal Entry #192 October 1st 1984 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - July 28th 2017
I saw a flash of anger in James that scared me. I still think he’s on the up and up, but now I’m thinking he’s working an angle. It may take me a few days to figure out what that is, but he’s assured us we’ll pick a time closer to our time when we leave next time. In spite of his brief outburst, I’ve learned a lot from James, and Karen said he reminds her of her cousin Marlin. Not sure I want to meet Marlin, at least not longer than a couple hours a dinner party.  
Journal Entry #191 September 30th 1984 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - July 27th 2017
James is funny, but it a slapstick B-movie kind of way. The second day hanging out with him in the 80’s has even gotten Karen a little annoyed, but is almost impossible to do, at least with friends. Still, James has been invaluable, and we’re more than willing to put up with his slight annoyance if it means mastering the secrets of traversing the timestreams within the multiverse. It was starting to feel like a Doctor Who episode gone wrong until we convinced him to take us back to our own time tomorrow. I’ll take James’ help, but I’m doing it on my terms. 
Journal Entry #190 September 29th 1984 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - July 26th 2017
I’m not exactly sure why we’re in the 1980’s this time. James wanted to have a little fun, and he’s fond of the 80’s, so I guess that’s as good as an explanation as any. He spent half the day in 2023 teaching me the tricks of the trade and how to avoid unnecessary quasi-paradoxes then we hitched a ride back to his favorite year. Great movies, great music, and back when the playground’s weren’t childproof. 

Journal Entry #189 September 28th 2023 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - July 25th 2017
James calls himself a timestream master. Maybe I’ll call myself the multiverse master. He confirmed what I already knew about the nature of time, but then he explained so much more, how the timestream is linked to the multiverse and appears to a chosen few as a fifth dimension, where it’s possible to communicate with the dead and see the past and the future. The only thing is that it may or may not be true, depending on where the timestream intersects with each reality. Pretty freaky if you ask me, but it also makes total sense.
Journal Entry #188 September 27th 2023 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - July 24th 2017
I traveled back two years to visit James Ambercroft. The moment he saw me, he smiled and asked what took so long. It’s clear more than one version of me must’ve visited him. We talked about time travel and Karen for most of the time. He explained how he loved and lost several women of his own, and each time the spooks took them until he figured out their secret. He only hinted at it, but he may be willing to tell me more. I’ll have to talk with him again tomorrow and see if I can prod it out of him. 
Journal Entry #187 September 26th 2025 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - July 23rd 2017
I saw another traveler in the time stream. It’s the first time I’ve been able to pin down the name and identity of another time traveler who wasn’t a spook or another version of myself. His name is James Ambercroft. He’s not in all of the time streams, only half of them near this sector of the multiverse. He has more information about the spooks and subtle changes in timelines. I’m going to set up a meeting with him tomorrow. 
Journal Entry #186 September 25th 2025 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - July 22nd 2017
I feel like I’ve been time traveling in circles. I learn something new, and it brings me right back to where I started. I can’t trust anyone, not even myself. The only one I truly trust is Karen. She’s the only one with no agenda. At least I have her with me. What happens tomorrow, or yesterday, who the heck knows. But as long as she’s here, I’m happy. 
Journal Entry #185 September 24th 2025 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - July 21st 2017
Today I learned there have been several loyalists to my cause in nearly all the timestreams within this cluster of the multiverse. I can also see shadows of possibilities of outcomes with the future tech I’ll invent during this time. The funny thing is it’s myself I can trust the least. Deal making and lack of trust keep various versions of myself from making the right choice. It’s going to be trickier than I thought to find the perfect place in time and the best interference to run in the past to keep the spooks at bay and the world moving in the right direction. 
Journal Entry #184 September 23rd 2018 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - July 20th 2017
Before I go back, I’m going to go forward. I want to use the future tech within the time nexus to better analyze my strategy and figure out my next move, both for myself and the world. Karen has been nothing but supportive. She doesn’t have the context of my life, but we see most things the same way. She’s a decent women. If I ever get confused on what is right, she always points me back in the right direction. 
Journal Entry #183 September 22nd 2018 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - July 19th 2017
Two days after doing a deep dive into the changes of this timeline and I’ve realized I can’t stay here. The changes are so pervasive. My friends are gone. Several of my family members are dead, and political changes are far more disturbing than they appeared on the surface. Stopping Nine Eleven, at least the way I did it, affected so many other things for the worse. While there was a tremendous amount of positive changes, they were cancelled out by what taking away the pain, suffering, and truth of the attack did to the country. I have to go back again.  
Journal Entry #182 September 21st 2018 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - July 18th 2017
It’s amazing the changes one outcome and create. My newly revised theory on time travel shows that paradoxes can’t exist because there are two methods of changing a time stream. A paradox is a nexus between a parallel world, and thus avoids the issue altogether for instances where it would be a problem. I haven’t encountered any traditional paradox situations in the new timeline, but it is stunning to see how similar, yet different the timeline is after I stopped by Nine Eleven and the alien invasion.   
Journal Entry #181 September 20th 2018 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - July 17th 2017
In this timeline, there are no negative repercussions I can see from stopping Nine Eleven outside of some intriguing politics, and there is no sign of an alien invasion. Kerry beat Bush in 2004, who went on to lose to John McCain in 2008. Obama was never president, but Hillary won in 2012 and 2016. There’ve been no major wars, except of the usual Middle Eastern skirmishes. Some of the pop music is different. Katy Perry is almost completely replaced with Lady Gaga, who never faded from view. I’m going to have to stick around a bit longer to see the deeper changes that have occurred, but the Spooks are nowhere to be seen.  
Journal Entry #180 September 19th 2000 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - July 16th 2017
Currently on attempt number three. I left a note to stop Nine Eleven, but this time, I sent seventeen different notes to different parties and used a time delayed mailing for thirty days, seven days, and three days before the attack. I’ll fast forward a year tomorrow to see if it took, and then I’ll execute part two to stop the invasion.  
Journal Entry #179 September 18th 2005 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - July 15th 2017
My first attempt failed. I left a note to stop Nine Eleven, and then I left another note to warn several scientists about the Alien invasion. The government agents thought the first note was a prank and ignored it, so Nine Eleven happened. In the first timeline, there was no alien invasion because Nine Eleven prevented it. In this timeline, the second note actually caused the scientists to find the alien ship and send a signal. Now both occurred, the worst possible outcome. Let’s hit reset. 
Journal Entry #178 September 17th 2000 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - July 14th 2017
Working with a time stream is liking looking at a sea of numbers, percentages. I’ve developed an algorithm to calculate anything beyond 99% likely in my favor as a recommendation for action if it moves us towards our objective, which in this case is to stop both Nine Eleven and the Alien Invasion. I can’t get above 90% if I stop Nine Eleven, but the percentages always increase as I get closer to the deadline. If I don’t stop Nine Eleven, there is a greater than 99% probability there will be no alien invasion, but I’m still going to stop both.
Journal Entry #177 September 16th 2000 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - July 13th 2017
I spent most of the day with Karen and took a break from any hard thinking. I needed the mental rest. Towards the end of the day, a few equations popped in my head that solve some of the issues I’d been working on. I’ve decided the best approach will be to merge two different time streams. It’s going to take a ton of effort, and I can’t do it alone, but it’s the only way I see fixing the problem. 
Journal Entry #176 September 15th 2000 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - July 12th 2017
Okay. I’m going to stay here a while longer. I’m going to try and make a new device with shorter temporal jump capabilities. Yes. I know you must be thinking about the paradox issue, but if you read my journal closely, you would have understand that’s it’s not a pure paradox. The time stream can be influenced by other worlds in the multiverse, and yes time can be changed, but it MUST be done with the influence of another parallel time stream. I’ll spare the details, but the short of it is I can to stop Nine Eleven without creating an alien invasion. 
Journal Entry #175 September 14th 2025 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - July 11th 2017
I feel like I’m living a rerun of Alien Nation. The coneheads are seamlessly integrated into society here, only it’s the humans who’ve been mildly subjugated with an underground opposition movement that’s just gotten off the ground. I need to go back before Nine Eleven and reverse what I “fixed.”
Journal Entry #174 September 13th 2025 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - July 10th 2017
The time stream in the future is completely off. Aliens live here, and the world unified into one country a year after the discovery of alien life in 2012, which apparently I’m largely responsible for. A lot’s different, and I honestly can decide if it’s worse, better, or just different. I’ll stay here another day with Karen and sort things out. I’m leaning towards reversing what I did, but I need to think about it more. 
Journal Entry #173 September 12th 2002 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - July 9th 2017
I spent the day looking for the changes in this time stream, one year after I erased Nine Eleven. It’s amazing the difference. No war in Afghanistan or rumblings in Iraq, no Patriot Act. But something worse happened nine months later. A nuclear power plant was targeted and intentionally sent into critical, contaminating over a million people. I’m not sure if I want to keep playing this game, but I can’t let this be the outcome. I’ll go back a year in a couple of days. Tomorrow I’m going back to 2025 and get some additional perspective on things with Karen before I decide my next move. 
Journal Entry #172 September 11th 2001 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - July 8th 2017
You might recognize the date. In the last few days I’ve learned that I can change time, not just change lanes in the multiverse. So what date better to change than Nine Eleven. And I was successful. I stopped the attack on the Twin Towers. I called in a bomb threats to the airline and the airport. I had to do both as a redundancy. The next twenty years are going to be interesting. 
Journal Entry #171 September 10th 2025 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - July 7th 2017
The magnitude of these new revelations is just coming into play. There are so many complexities and shades of grey. I’m going to have to rewrite my entire temporal theory to take into account what I’m seeing here. I’m sure some version of myself already has, but I have to do it anyway, if only so I fully understand it. Einstein said if you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough. He was both right and wrong.  
Journal Entry #170 September 9th 2025 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - July 6th 2017
I can’t believe how wrong I was about time travel. I always thought paradoxes were nonsense, that time travel was nothing more than sliding on a stream in the multiverse. What I’ve done here, or should I say will do, or did, throws everything I know out the window. Paradoxes do exist, sort of. And the multiverse is only partially responsible for time travel. It’s frightening and exhilarating at all once.  
Journal Entry #169 September 8th 2025 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - July 5th 2017
Apparently I rescued Karen and myself, but erased all knowledge of how I did it. I sent myself a message in the form of a hologram, then I found myself along with Karen being transported a few years into the future from my present. I’m in another tachyon field stream, but this one is equipped with a laboratory and a bridge to the outside world. Beyond that, I’m not sure when or if I built this on my own. I have food and water here, enough to wait things out until we fully grasp everything that’s transpired over the course of the last few months.  
Journal Entry #168 September 7th 1999 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - July 4th 2017
It might be selfish, but if something goes wrong with my memory, I wanted to have at least one good day before I forgot it all. I made the best I could out of the day. I increased my cash twenty times over and gave half of the winnings to Dr. Quaid for supplies. The other half will go with me when I leave in two days. Tomorrow we’ll double check the numbers then do a couple of test runs with a time probe. If all goes well, I’ll return home and the moment before the spooks abducted both of us. 
Journal Entry #167 September 6th 1999 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - July 3rd 2017
I’ve had my memory partially wiped before, but this would be a clean wipe of everything after the spooks separated Karen and I. Dr. Quaid thinks he’s figured out the algorithm I’ll need to wipe my memory and instill a message to steer us away from the spooks just in time. He’s encoding a time device that will transport two of us using my neural network and residual memory like a backup RAM. If it works, I won’t know what happened other than I’ve eluded the spooks. If I fail, I have no idea what will happen or what I’ll remember. Here goes nothing.  
Journal Entry #166 September 5th 1999 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - July 2nd 2017
Dr. Quaid and I worked through a theory that a full memory wipe just before a time transit, would allow myself to slip into a timeline and pick up where we left off. I came close to this theory before, but didn’t realize the memory wipe would be required. The good news is that it allows be to include an encoded message. My memory would revert back to the point just before the spooks separated Karen and I, but if the message is just right, we could escape. I’m working on the message. Dr. Quaid is working on the remaining details.
Journal Entry #165 September 4th 1999 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - July 1st 2017
I tripled my remaining cash over two games. Having knowledge of the future comes in handy at ball games. I bought more equipment, and I reached out to a professor of mine in this timeline. He’s actually my professor this year in my timeline, so it was easier for him to grasp what I told him. The look on his face when he saw me was priceless. He knew right away who I was.
I need to get back to the only thing I care about, Karen. I would have went straight there, but I’m need to find the nexus between worlds to get my version back. It would be pointless to go back and visit her in her timeline, since she won’t know who I am. The good news is my professor, Dr. Quaid, and I have a working theory on how to make it happen. 
Journal Entry #164 September 3rd 1999 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - June 30th 2017
I visited two of the buried treasure spots, but only one had any of the loot. I expected as much, which is why I used four locations. Honestly, I’m lucky if any of them still had the items. Hopefully, I won’t need to check the other two. I took the coins to a collector shop and sold a couple for for just under a grand. I could have squabbled for more, but I knew I would more than make up for it with the profit from betting on upcoming games. It's already paid off. I doubled my money, enough to book a hotel for a couple of nights and grab some supplies to get back into the groove of things. Tomorrow, more fun.
Journal Entry #163 September 2nd 1999 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - June 29th 2017
The good news is the time device brought be back to the modern world. The bad news is it cut out a couple decades before I reached home. At least I have workable tech. Fortunately, I have the antiques and coins I buried 6000 years ago. I’ll take an Uber to two spots tomorrow and see if they’re still there.
Journal Entry #162 September 1st 4000 B.C. - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - June 28th 2017
I buried several artifacts which may or may not be useful to me in the future. I placed them next to several geological landmarks I could find easily. I included some small antiques as well as a few silver and gold coins in three different locations, just in case I find myself in a tough spot in future trips. I delayed my departure one more day. Tomorrow I leave. 
Journal Entry #161 August 31st 4000 B.C. - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - June 27th 2017
I had a couple close calls today. The first was with a few members of a what appears to be a local native tribe. I moved quickly from my location, and I had to leave one of my backup power sources behind. Fortunately, I set up three just for this scenario. A few hours later, I noticed a mother black bear headed in my direction with a couple of cubs nearby. I’m leaving tomorrow. I just haven’t decided what date I’ll set the device for. 
Journal Entry #160 August 30th 4000 B.C. - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - June 26th 2017
I’m finding my around this place. I knew Manhattan was a swamp, but it smells worse than it does from the future. I check my battery supply every hour, just to make sure I’m not running low, and I’m setting up the backup fuel supply as we speak. I’m not alone here. 
Journal Entry #159 August 29th 4000 B.C. - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - June 25th 2017
I know what you’re thinking. What am I doing all the way back in 4000 BC. The short answer is because I can. I tested some simulations, then I created two successful sample tests that I rigged up with the supplies from Radio Shack. I know they’ve gotten a bad rap, but they’re surprisingly helpful for a low tech time traveler. I have a backup contraption for power, in case my batteries are too low to bring me back. Of course, if I lose the device, I don’t expect anyone to come for me anytime soon. 
Journal Entry #158 August 28th 2000 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - June 24th 2017
Over the last few days my memory has started to fully return, and I’ve pieced together ideas for my expanded theory of time. One of the big ideas is that time can be reversed, but once it happens, time reverts to the original point before the change. That includes memories. What I’m trying to discover is how to revert back to an earlier point, but still manage to make a change that will affect the future outcome after the point of reversion. I don’t know if it’s possible. But I’m going to find out. 
Journal Entry #157 August 27th 2000 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - June 23rd 2017
I’ve decided to call this other version of myself Bobby Seven, Seven for short. I’m Bobby One. I think I may have met more or less than six versions of me in the flesh, but Seven is close enough. That, plus it reminds me of Seven from Star Trek Voyager. 
Seven speaks with more pain than I’ve had in my life, but he also has more urgency. I thought my drive to reunite with Karen was urgent enough, but there’s something extra in Seven. It’s almost as if there’s a certainty in him. We discussed ideas for finding Karen and avoiding the spooks, but nothing is clean. Nothing ever will be clean. Time travel is messy, so I should get used to it. I’m still struggling with that part. 
Journal Entry #156 August 26th 2000 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - June 22nd 2017
Another version of myself paid me a visit. He had real pain in his eyes, like he had lost someone. I wondered if it was my Karen. I felt he knew what I was thinking, like he was going to ask me, but then he drifted into a detailed rant about the spooks and how he avoided them after his initial encounters. He told me about all the different versions of himself, and how he could tell if they would be helpful or sinister. I found the discussion fascinating, not sure if I could believe what he was saying or if he was just prepping me for his own plan. I think he was genuine, but I'll have to wait a bit longer to find out.
Journal Entry #155 August 25th 2000 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - June 21st 2017
Today, the other version of me was fully phased in. I couldn’t quite hear him, but I could read his lips well enough to discover there are multiple versions of me running around in various timelines and worlds, some working with the spooks and some working against them. I should’ve listened to gut awhile back. I should have stayed put. But I’m going to fix things. I have a plan, and this time it has to work. 
Journal Entry #154 August 24th 2000 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - June 20th 2017
The apparition is definitely me. It looked like he was more phased into our realm. I could almost make out all of this features. Even though I couldn’t make out his face, he was communicating to me with his hands. I’m ready to go, but he warned me to wait. He couldn’t explain why, but I know he was telling me not to leave.
Journal Entry #153 August 23rd 2000 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - June 19th 2017
I swear I saw some kind of apparition today, like a ghost calling for help trying to communicate with me. My best guess is that it’s some version of me stuck out of phase between different realms in the multiverse. For all I know, he could be doing what I was planning to do in the next couple of days. I’ll put of any jumps until I can figure out what is going on with this apparition and focus on my energy on finding a way to communicate with it. 
Journal Entry #152 August 22nd 2000 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - June 18th 2017
In one day I managed to turn twenty bucks into fifteen, buy three computers, rent a posh hotel room, and get all the electronics I need to build a new improved time device. It will take a couple more days to construct it properly so the spooks can’t find me, but it’s the first time in awhile I felt in control. There’s something to be said for being in control, or at least feeling that way. I suppose that’s one of the reason people do stupid things, when they feel they lack control, which, if I’m being honest, is probably most of the time. I miss Karen. That’s the one thing I don’t control right now, but I know I can get to her. I have to. 
Journal Entry #151 August 21st 2000 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - June 17th 2017
If you’re reading this, you must be thinking why I chose 2000. The short answer is because it was easy to punch in the computer before they were able to stop me, and I didn’t think too hard about it because I knew enough about the year 2000 to make cash if I needed it. It also has enough tech I can use to build another time device. That’s the short of it. It will buy me enough time until I figure out what I need to do next. 
Journal Entry #150 August 20th 2232 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - June 16th 2017
I managed to escape the cell when one of the spooks came in to check on me. It took several minutes to figure out the configuration of the computers and transport me back to my own time. The few minutes I had access to the computer, I confirmed everything I had thought about them in the past. They’ve been tracking me through a combination of methods. I jimmied with their tracking system, which should throw them off my trail for a while, but only for a while. I’ll have to think of a more permanent fix.
Journal Entry #149 August 19th 2232 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - June 15th 2017
The injection they gave me returned all my memories and removed the ones from other versions of myself in other branches of the multiverse. But I’m also certain they’ve implanted false memories to make me more willing to go along with their plan. I can’t see exactly which ones, but there are a few memories that just seem to fresh and out of place. If it’s not one thing, it’s something else. I have to found out what they did so I can undo it. I’m just not sure how I’m going to do that yet. 
Journal Entry #148 August 18th 2232 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - June 14th 2017
The spooked showed me an image of Karen from my past, then they showed her dead in her original timeline. When I saw her lying on the ground lifeless, my stomach turned and spasmed. I wanted nothing more than to kill them for showing me that. They’re screwing with my mind until I give them what they want, which is my cooperation. But I’ll never cooperate with them. 
Journal Entry #147 August 17th 2232 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - June 13th 2017
It was a trick. The hypospray was left by the spooks. They needed me to inject myself with it in order for them to take me to their future. It was the only way, and I fell for it. I’m locked up in a temporal prison, and they’ve assured me that the hypospray will also prevent anyone else from tracking me. No one from my past would be able to travel into the future anyway. For now, it appears I’m screwed. Maybe that will change tomorrow. 
Journal Entry #146 August 16th 2022 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - June 12th 2017
I found a vial of hypospray left by my future self. I’m normally not the type of person to inject myself with unknown drugs, at least I think I’m not, but the note warned of dire consequences if I didn’t. Apparently, the traveling from timelines in the multiverse has caused a rupture in my holographic mind. I can’t completely stop or reverse it, but it will buy some additional time. Needless to say, I injected myself with it. I’ll tell you tomorrow how I feel in the morning. 
Journal Entry #145 August 15th 2022 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - June 11th 2017
It wasn’t a dream. I found hidden pages in the back of my diary, and just as I was about to read them, the me from the future paid me a visit and explained what I’d actually been doing the last several months. Karen is real. The time police, or spooks as I call them, are real. The different versions of myself are real. Up to this point, I’d thought most of this was just theoretical. That was the whole point of the time probe I’d been working on in the lab. Apparently, I kept the beta version with me this entire trip. But there’s so much, and I'm just beginning to understand the whole picture.
Journal Entry #144 August 14th 2022 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - June 10th 2017
I dreamed last night that a future version of myself came to visit me. There was a woman, Karen, and a group from the future who were coming after me. It seemed so real, and then I woke up. The flashes of the dream kept coming back to me. I fear whatever sent me to the hospital might be responsible. I can’t afford to lose my faculties right now. I’m so close to the breakthrough I’ve been working on. 
Journal Entry #143 August 13th 2022 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - June 9th 2017
I’m not sure what happened. I was working in my lab, and the next thing I knew, I was lying in my old bed in my mom’s house and she was staring over me. She said there was some accident at the lab, and colleagues at work rushed me to the hospital after I collapsed on the floor. The hospital said I was find, but I can’t remember any of that. I was working on a big project, and then I ended up here. I have no clue what happened. I’m writing this down in the hopes it will jog my memory. 
Journal Entry #142 May 16th 1980 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - June 8th 2017
I’m holding on to the last pieces of who I am. I’m not sure how much longer I can hold out. I’m not even sure if those threads I’m holding onto are even real, but this sinking in my gut is telling me if I don’t at least try, everything I think I know will be gone. I honestly don’t know what, if anything, I can do. But I’ll wait, for as long as I can. And Karen is still with me. Something in her eyes is what’s kept me going for this long. 
Journal Entry #141 May 15th 1980 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - June 7th 2017
I thought no memories was bad, but what I have now is a hot mess. I have at least three sets of memories pushing themselves in and out of my mind. At times, it feels like I believe one set. At other moments, it feels like I believe the other. I think the short of it is that the tachyon stream is making me exist, or at least my holographic mind, in multiple time streams. I need to get out of here. 
Journal Entry #140 May 14th 1980 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - June 6th 2017
Pieces of my memory are coming back, but not well enough where I can put together the entire puzzle. What’s strange is that I see images in my memory that contradict what I’ve written in the my journal, or at least what I think I’ve written. I can see someone coming after me, but before I get a chance to take a closer look, the image fades away. I’m not sure about anything, not the journal, not my memory, not anything. 
Journal Entry #139 May 13th 1980 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - June 5th 2017
I still can’t remember who I am, but at least I’m not forgetting anymore. I read my journal, and it claims I’m a time traveler. I think I would believe I was crazy if I didn’t start having these flashes of memory. At least I think they’re flashes of memory. Karen is still with me in the place. I can feel our connection if though I don’t remember her. I’m optimistic that with my improving short terms memory and flashes from my past, my memory will start to return. 
Journal Entry #138 May 12th 1980 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - June 4th 2017
I don’t know who I am or what happened. There’s this beautiful and kind woman, Karen, who tells me she knows me and loves me. I fear I’ll never remember who I am or find out what’s the meaning of this strange place. I have burning in the pit of my stomach like I should be doing something, as if I have some sense of urgency or danger. I wish I knew more. I don’t know why I’m writing this down. I read the first part of the journal, but I’ve already forgotten what it said. 
Journal Entry #137 May 11th 1980 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - June 3rd 2017
I think all this jumping through time has started to catch up with me. I woke up this morning and I didn’t remember who or where I was. It took me a good half hour to remember, and when I did start to come to, I didn’t want to say anything to Karen, because I didn’t want her to think I was crazy. After a few more hours the fog lifted and I remembered everything. Later on, I got concerned it might be the tachyon field interfering with our brain network. I need to come up with a backup plan fast, just in case things go south. 
Journal Entry #136 May 10th 1980 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - June 2nd 2017
I used the time device to travel back to the time intersection of when Karen was nabbed by the spooks. I intercepted them and took her with me. Now we’re floating in the tachyon field until we decide what to do next. Not like there’s any rush. We’re safe here. The only catch is that we’re alone, isolated from everything else. She said she didn’t care how long we had to stay there. I hope she still feels that way if we actually do need to stay longer.
Journal Entry #135 September 17th 2017 - Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - June 1st 2017
My heart felt like it was going to jump out of my chest when I turned the switch, but it was worth it. To modified dual battery system worked, which allowed me to jump back into the tachyon field. This time, though, I tethered myself to three separate times streams to separate universes. Yes, I know it sounds complicated, but it’s simpler than it sounds. I have supplies with me, and I created a static time shell that allows me to operate in forward moving time inside the shell until I figure a way to contact my streams version of Karen.   
Journal Entry #134 September 16th 2017 – Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - May 31st 2017
I think I’m being watched. I’m going to have to make the modified pair of Tesla batteries work. My mother agreed to get the second car after I explained the situation and the likelihood the spooks were once again on my tail. She didn’t grasp the concept of the tachyon field or the multiverse theory, but she could see the fear in my eyes and I’m guessing my longing for Karen. Tomorrow is the day.  
Journal Entry #133 September 15th 2017 – Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - May 30th 2017
I’ve run into a snag with the plan. I’m having difficulty securing more than one Tesla battery. The issue has to do with collateral for the exotic car rental and limits on how many they are allowed to rent out under one account. I’ll have to find someone who would be willing to rent it for me, but that’s a lot harder than it seems. I can’t ask anyone from work, and as pathetic as it sounds, my life as a research scientist hasn’t given me as much time as I’d like to make friends. I’ll have to resort to bribery, if that will even work. At least I’m not in prison, as least not yet anyway.
Journal Entry #132 September 14th 2017 – Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - May 29th 2017
Lucky for me the modified Tesla battery was strong enough to power time device for a short trip to the past, before I launched my failed attempt to coopt the power grid. With the success of the Tesla battery, I’m thinking I might be able to make additional modifications without the need for the electric grid at all. I initially thought I would need a spike in power to overcome the resistance required to reach the tachyon field, but after some calculations, I now see I could use a pair of batteries to toggle the field for a continuous feedback loop. This way, it coopts the tachyon field itself. I’ve already started on the blueprints for the new design. 
Journal Entry #131 September 17th 2017 – Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - May 28th 2017
My lawyer, with my mother’s prodding, managed to pull off the impossible. I’m out of jail, and I’ve got a plan to create enough juice for one jump back just before I launched my first attempt to cross the time stream. I’m going to take a cue of Elon Musk and modify a special Lithium battery blend from Tesla. It should give me enough juice to get me back to where I want to go. This time if I screw up, I’ll only end up owning a hefty bill to the exotic car rental shop. But it won’t matter. I’ve done the calculations, and I know I can make the leap. The hard part is what to do after I arrive. 
Journal Entry #130 September 16th 2017 – Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - May 27th 2017
I was thinking of escaping, but after speaking to the public defender, it might be possible to get out on bail. That makes it worth waiting to see if someone shows up. Still, spending the night in jail was one of the worse experiences of my life. The lawyer is trying to get the bail reduced to fifty grand. If it works, my mother can pay a bail bondsman to get me out. After that, I’ll have to figure out a way to jump back. I think the best approach would be to make a smaller jump that takes less energy, the try the long jump again. This time, I’ll put more safeguards in place, including figuring out a better way to mask my ISP signature as well as the energy flow signature from the power grid. 
Journal Entry #129 September 15th 2017 – Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - May 26th 2017
I’m writing this entry from prison. I guess you can figure out what went wrong. I never even got to test out the new device. Apparently the feds put a back end tracker on the computer systems to prevent hackers like myself from rerouting power from the grid. I anticipated they would do as much, but my precautions weren’t enough. Now I have to sit out in the jail cell waiting for some version of my to come to rescue or until I can figure out a way to escape. 
Journal Entry #128 September 14th 2017 – Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - May 25th 2017
I cobbled together a plan to steal the energy requirements for a new time device. I’ll have to hack into several mainframes and reroute power from the main grid. If it works, I won’t care. If it doesn’t I’m screwed. I don’t think I would do well in prison, but I think it’s worth the risk. Before I can do that though, I have to grab more equipment from the lab, which has it’s own set of dangers. More importantly, I need to figure out how to traverse the branching timeline. That part will prove tricky. 
Journal Entry #127 September 13th 2017 – Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - May 24th 2017
I spent all day today calculating the energy requirements and then stressing about all the things that might go wrong with my plan. I had to put all of that out of my head and power forward. It’s the only option. I refuse to live this life without Karen. I’m going to change things for the better, and the only to do that is by finding the point where all the timelines diverge and then travel across to the point where I want to be. At the moment, I’m just figuring out the details. 
Journal Entry #126 September 12th 2017 – Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - May 23rd 2017
I had thought it wouldn’t be possible to be with my Karen again, but today was the first time in awhile I thought being with her, the real her, my version of her, just me become a reality. There’s no question it will be hard. I’ll nearly have to bend a few laws of physics to do it, but the good news is, I won’t have to break any, which would make it impossible. I’m going to be with her again. I have to. But to do it, everything is going to have to change. 

Journal Entry #125 September 11th 2017 – Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - May 22nd 2017
Time travel can be a tricky business, and after today, I stunned myself with new information about how the timestream works. My prior theory and practical application suggested a branching universe. What I realized today was that the branching universe is itself one path of another infinite branches of different multiverses. What this means is that if I can figure a way to do it, I would be able to master time in the ultimate sense. I’ll need to construct a device that will allow me to see the time stream in multiple dimensions, but once it’s complete, I’ll be able to travel to any point at will. 
Journal Entry #124 September 10th 2017 – Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - May 21st 2017
I paced back and forth all day today thinking about whether I should go through with my plan. There’s big risks involved. If I’m off even in the slightest bit from my calculations, it’s possible I could break time. I wouldn’t be breaking time or the universe for everyone else, just myself. The process of trying to revert back to before all this happened and create a timeline outside the normal space time continuum is theoretically possible, but the energy level is astronomical. I could do it, but it would require I use the timestream itself to create a positive feedback loop of energy using tachyons and exotic particles. That’s the tricky part.  
Journal Entry #123 September 9th 2017 – Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - May 20th 2017
I visited an old friend of mine today. We had a long talk about time travel, just not directly. I told him I was having a problem that I needed to fix. I didn’t say it was time travel, but I told him about “a girl” and “some guys” coming after me. Then I mentioned a big project I was working on that would change everything. He was honest and refreshing, like cold water being thrown at your face on a hot summer day. It gave me an idea. Tomorrow, I’m going to try it out. 
Journal Entry #122 September 8th 2017 – Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - May 19th 2017
I’m not sure what I’m doing anymore. I thought I was doing this to save to humanity, to improve the world. But all I’ve seen to have done is make things worse. I did some calculations, and it looks like I might be able to pull my plan of finding the perfect timeline in the right world a possibility. But so much could go wrong. I need to think long and hard about if I should actually do this thing.
Journal Entry #121 September 7th 2017 – Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - May 18th 2017
One theory of time travel states that all possibilities can exist in each universe. That statement is more complex than most people realize. Not only can and do all possibilities exist, but the laws of time itself exist in an infinite number of ways. What that means is that I can find a version of myself that’s surfing timelines in the multiverse in one that was identical to mine just before the spooks took me from Karen. I can transport myself there at the precise moment he get’s taken and then ask Karen to come with me. It’ll require a heck of a lot of work, but right now, I have all the time in the world. 
Journal Entry #120 September 6th 2017 – Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - May 17th 2017
A second day of rain took the fun out of it. I found myself sitting on the porch reflecting on Karen, and wondering what she might be doing if she was here with me. The longer I watched the water stream together, the more I started thinking about how I can fix things. There might be a way. It will require a lot of time, maybe more time than I have. If there’s even the slightest possibility it might work, I owe it to Karen and myself to make it happen. 
Journal Entry #119 September 5th 2017 – Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - May 16th 2017
It rained buckets today. It was cold for September, and dreary, but I loved it. There’s something about rain that enthralls me. It reminded me of something I missed. Maybe it was longing for a simpler time, which wasn’t all that long ago. Whatever it was, I wanted to hold on to that feeling forever. It’s a funny thing about having what you want, an inherent contradiction. Being able to time travel gives me control over time, but the deeper I get, the less time I feel like I have.
Journal Entry #118 September 4th 2017 – Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - May 15th 2017
My future self paid me a visit and brought me to the near past. This is my time just not my universe; it’s a branch that diverges at this exact point, which means there’s two of me here. He assured me the spooks won’t find me here. I was right about the tachyon field masking the temporal signature. He adjusted his calculations and made the changes. Still, my timeline in my universe is a dangerous one, and it was too risky to go back, at least just yet until he’s able to put all the temporal dampeners in place. In the meantime. I’ll take some R&R while I wait to hear back from my future self. 
Journal Entry #117 September 3rd 1900 – Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - May 14th 2017
Reality is finally setting in that I might never see my Karen again or return to a world before all this mess starting happening. I should have expected something like this when I first began researching the possibility of time travel. In the back of my mind, I never really thought I’d pull it off. That was short-sighted, even if it was just in my subconscious. I’m not giving up, but I can feel the sense of hope slipping. I need to find a way to get it back. 
Journal Entry #116 September 2nd 1900 – Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - May 13th 2017
I’d forgotten how harsh the early twentieth century could be. This morning, I got a close-up view of an Irish street gang brawling with some guys near bar. The police busted it up quick, but the racial slurs and language what something I hadn’t seen except for television in quite some time. I kept my distance, but I felt as if the thugs could’ve attacked me at any second. 
Journal Entry #115 September 1st 1900 – Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - May 12th 2017
If there’s any difference in my timeline and this one, I can’t tell the difference. Of course, it is over a hundred years earlier than my time, so any subtle changes I wouldn’t be able to tell anyway. Nothing too obvious is different. There’s a temporal accent with most people, especially here in New York. It’s amazing how much different there is just across one burrow. 
Journal Entry #114 August 31st 1900 – Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - May 11th 2017
I got a visit from my future self, the original one I met the first night I discovered the spooks were hunting me. I was around about the tachyon signature. That’s how he found me. Once he tracked me down, he sent a remote located to lock on my location and transport me back into the past. He couldn’t bring me into the present because the spooks would have tracked me there. Looks like I’m starting all over again. This time, I’ll have to sit and wait. The catch is, I can’t completely rely on my knowledge of the future to get me by either, something about this universe not being exactly the same as my original one. 

Journal Entry #113 August 30th 1900 – Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - May 10th 2017
The dawn of the twentieth century is a much different time period even then twenty years from now. New York is unrecognizable. Whatever last vestiges of the modern era I remember is gone. It looks more like a country market in the Middle East or Central Asia. Seeing horses walk across Broadway is just nuts. At least Madison Square Garden is still here, but beyond that, I’ll have to relearn the city all over again. That is if I last that long. 
Journal Entry #112 August 29th 1900 – Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - May 9th 2017
I lost consciousness, and when I woke up, I was more than a hundred years in the past. I have no time device, and no one else is with me. I have no clue how I got here, and unless someone comes back to save me, I don’t know how I can get back. The fact that I somehow am here makes me think my future self is responsible, but how exactly, I don’t know. I’ll just have to sit and wait. At least the good news is that I prepared for this scenario, and 1900 was as far back as I prepared. If I’m stuck here, and least I live like a king. 
Journal Entry #111 Unknown Date – Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - May 8th 2017
I’m still in this timestream, but I’m not dead yet, and I’m not sure why. I guess lack of water kills people differently in different situations. Maybe I’ve just been lucky so far. I can’t think straight, not without food and water. Something occurred to me that I hadn’t considered before. It might be possible that time as I know it has stopped in this place. If that’s the case, I could go eternity with no food and water. I need to think, but I haven’t been able to do anything since I’ve gotten here. I need to calm my mind so I can think clearly and find a solution if there is one. 
Journal Entry #110 Unknown Date – Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - May 7th 2017
The light keeps flickering in and out as I wander in and out of consciousness. I’ve lasted another day. I’m not sure how. My mouth is dry as a bone, and I haven’t had food for days. A few more hours of this and I know I’ll be dead. I keep praying by some miracle someone will come rescue me, perhaps a version of me somewhere from God knows when out there in spacetime. It can’t end like this. I just know it can’t. 
Journal Entry #109 Unknown Date – Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - May 6th 2017
I think it’s my second day in the void, but I’m not completely sure. There’s no way to track time in the place, which is ironic. The void interacted with my time device and it dematerialized in front of me. This may be the last time I write in this journal. I doubt anyone will come for me, since I can’t think of a way for them to know when or where I am. It’s possible I might be giving off some type of tachyon signature, but beyond that, there’s nothing. 
Journal Entry #108 Unknown Date – Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - May 5th 2017
I’m back in the hole. I tried returning back to the future, but I didn’t make it. I’m not sure what happened, but whatever did sent me to this unknown place. I think I’m floating in the time stream. I have the time device, and I tried using it a couple times, but nothing happened. I don’t know how long I’ll be stuck here. If it’s more than a few days I might die of thirst. I’m already getting thirsty, and I swear I saw flashes of myself for a second. I’m not sure if it was real or if I’m already have thirst induced hallucinations.  
Journal Entry #107 August 24th 1972 – Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - May 4th 2017
It was naive to think they would never find me. They did. It’s worse now, because I’m with a Karen who I’m not sure is the same as the one I know. She even said something that made me question if she was working for them. If I find out she’s working with the spooks, I don’t know what I’ll do. I’m tired. I’m hungry, and and I’m not thinking straight. I’ve been on the run all day. I hope they don’t find me.  
Journal Entry #106 August 23rd 1972 – Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - May 3rd 2017
For a second, I got the impression someone was watching me. When I looked back, no one was there. I was on edge the rest of the day, but nothing else happened. Still, it's unnerving. I’m sure I’ll feel this way for the next week even if everything’s okay. It gave me a wakeup call. It’s easy to get complacent when you think you’re safe after being hunted down by lunatic time travelers that last few months. 

I noticed something else. Karen is different. I know we haven’t been the same connection we had before. I’ve spent lots of time with her, but we still haven’t gone out on a proper date just yet. It’s more than just that. It’s almost like she’s a different person. She’s not the only difference I’ve noticed in the timeline either. 
Journal Entry #105 August 22nd 1972 – Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - May 2nd 2017
The seventies is starting to grow on me. It’s full of contradictions, innocent yet perverse, colorful but tacky. The interesting thing about time travel is that visiting your own town in a different time can be like visiting an entirely new place. Nothing stays the same forever, even in New York City. If I had to say one thing I like the most in the past is the loyalty. Even criminals in this time live by their own code of honor. The spooks have no honor. Their worse than politicians and lawyers. But here, this place, this time, with Karen, it’s pure. It’s real. 
Journal Entry #104 August 21st 1972 – Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - May 1st 2017
If you’re reading my journal, I’ve never told you why I started researching time in the first place. Karen reminded me of that reason today. Maybe some people think my reasons are selfish, and they might be right. But the spooks and those with political aims have manipulated time travel to accomplish their own goals, which they always seem to think is noble. I have just as much right to use it as them.

My mother loves me very much, mainly because she’s my mother. She’s forgiven me for the tragedy I’ve caused her. Fifteen years ago, My father was driving us to the market and I was upset with him. I distracted him enough to miss the oncoming car. The accident crushed my mother’s legs and killed my father instantly. My mother never said one bad word to me about it, not one. And I still can’t forgive myself. 
Journal Entry #103 August 20th 1972 – Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - April 30th 2017
The great thing about having a time machine, or more accurately, a time device, is that you can use it to cheat. I told Karen the truth, and I backed it up with solid evidence. I went exactly one year in the past, and came back one year forward only a few seconds ahead, which was amount of time needed to travel into the past and back into the present. Time continues while I’m gone, at least in this branch of the multiverse. She was convinced, and I have my Karen back. Now I’m just waiting for the other shoe to drop, if there is one. 
Journal Entry #102 August 19th 1972 – Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - April 29th 2017
I spoke to Karen today but not for long. I stopped by her work and acted like I was a customer. I’ll muster the courage to ask her out tomorrow. She said yes once, I don’t why should wouldn’t say it again. I did get a smile out of her, but that’s her job, so I’m not sure it counts. 

On other fronts, I haven’t seen any sign of the spooks or anyone else who might be trying to find me. That’s good and back. I’m not sure how far away I am from my original timeline within this universe, but if I’m too far away, that could be a problem If I ever need to get back.
Journal Entry #101 August 18th 1972 – Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - April 28th 2017
I made it back to 1972. This time, there’s no spooks that I know of chasing me. I sat across from Karen all morning without saying or doing anything. I felt like a stalker. I had a plan, but I just couldn’t walk up to her and say anything. I’ll do it tomorrow. Famous last words. I know. But I do mean it. I just couldn’t help but feeling that what we have together would show on my face and it would scare her off, that she’d see my intense feelings for her that I’m not supposed to have and she’d freak out. How could I possibly explain that to her. I needed the day in the time to get in the right mindset. It all starts tomorrow. 
Journal Entry #100 August 17th 2022 – Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - April 27th 2017
I’ve decided I’m going back to find Karen in her own time. I hope I make it before she gets killed. I didn’t get the exact date of when she originally died, but it’s close to this time in August. The one year increment limitation on the time device will make it difficult to pick the best time. If I go back a year before, she’ll be in a completely different place in her life. If I wait too long, she’ll be dead and I’ll have to wait another year until I cross the exact date when I met her the first time. 

The bigger problem is that my circumstances have changed, and there's no guarantee she’ll fall for me if those same issues don’t plague me in the new past timeline. I don’t know why I ever thought a drama free life was the better one. Either way, I need to get her before she dies. 

Journal Entry #99 August 17th 2022 – Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - April 26th 2017
I had a long conversation with Mitch today, and he made me realize something about the branching universe. I have no way of knowing if the spooks exist in this branch, and I’ve completely started over in this new reality. I have no way of contacting the other me, at least not yet. 

The time device only works within my own timeline where I've lived before, so my only other choice is to go into the past. But each time I do, I’m not really going into my past, but switching lanes in the multiverse and previous nexus in time. At times, I’m tempting just to say it’s semantics. But it’s so much more than that, and the difference is what’s causing me to hesitate on my next move. 
Journal Entry #98 August 16th 2022 – Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - April 25th 2017
I know it’s dangerous, but I contacted Mitch. I this timeline, or branch in the timeline, pick your semantic, he’s still alive. I told him what happened, and I what I was trying to do and how I desperately needed Karen. It’s a perverse twist of fate, gaining Mitch but losing Karen in the process. I don’t want the spooks to take Mitch again, and I’m not sure the best way to bring Karen back, but I’m determined to make it happen. 
Journal Entry #97 August 15th 2022 – Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - April 24th 2017
I wish time travel worked like it did in the movies, at least this time. If it did, I could go back before we left the first time and save Karen from the spooks. Or I could just go back before it all happened. Of course it doesn’t work that way, and I’m not sure where to start with finding Karen. There’s no way I can track her, so I think my only chance is to draw the attention of the spooks and get captured myself. It’ll be dangerous, but I think I can rig a failsafe that will trigger a break in the timestream after a certain period of time. I’ll have to miniaturize the time device and embed it within my skin, but it’s doable. 
Journal Entry #96 August 15th 2022 – Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - April 23rd 2017
Another day with no spooks and no Karen. My future self told me that my destiny is to have a normal life. I’m not sure if he said that because that’s what he wanted for himself or if that’s how the future turned out. From what I know about the future, it can’t be the latter. Either way, I’m going to get Karen back. I have a plan, I just hope it's good enough. 
Journal Entry #95 August 14th 2022 – Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - April 22nd 2017
It’s only been one day since things went back to normal, and I’m going mad, mainly because Karen isn’t here and I don’t know if I’ll ever see her again. It's too quiet. I know that’s what I wanted, but I can’t help but feeling this is what empty nest syndrome feels like when kids leave their parents home.

I’ve decided I should be prepared just in case the spooks show up again, even they my future self assured me they’d never return. It was the only thing I could do to feel even a little bit normal. 
Journal Entry #94 August 13th 2022 – Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - April 21st 2017
I swear, if I had to spend one more day in that place I would have gone mad. I don’t know how I did it, but a future version of myself rescued me from that place and returned me at the precise moment I first left my original timeline. 

Before I returned, he explained where the spooks would show up and how to stop them. He stayed with me once they arrived until we stopped them. I was elated until it dawned on me in the new restored timeline Karen wasn’t there. Now there’s this big hole where she used to be. I don’t know which is worse, running from the spooks or living in a world without her.
Journal Entry #93 Date Unknown (day 2) – Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - April 20th 2017
I case you haven’t figured it out, you’re not actually reading this. These words are nothing more than ideas scribed onto my own mind. You see, I have no paper and nothing to write with even if I did. A few hours after I woke up this morning, reality faded away. The shape and form of my own body melted into a formless void. Even the device is gone. The tether is completely severed, and I’m completely screwed. No one know’s where I am, so no one’s coming for me. If there’s a hell, that's where I must be. 
Journal Entry #92 Date Unknown – Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - April 19th 2017
I have no idea when or where I am, other than the fact I’m somewhere in the multiverse floating through time. My future self told me this might happen if I attempted to cloak the lab within a tachyon field. The only thing is it was only a test. I scaled up the smaller trials from when I used probes to confirm it was safe. This was the only option I could think of to try to rescue Karen. 

My tether isn’t completed severed. I embedded some makeshift trackers in my time device specifically for this scenario. The only problem is I’m completely dependent on one my my versions of myself finding me. It may have been stupid, but I would do it again in a heartbeat if I thought it would save Karen. For now, I’ll just have to wait for someone to save me. 
Journal Entry #91 May 10th, 1980 – Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - April 18th 2017
My world came crashing down today. The spooks grabbed Karen. I guess I should have known there was no way to truly hide from them. I have no idea where to start looking for her, and I don’t even know what I would do if it did, other than beat the crap out of the people that grabbed her. After that, I have no idea. 

The spooks have been two steps of ahead of me, but I shouldn’t be too surprised since they have history on their side and their time devices to go whenever and wherever they need to go. I need to beat them and their own game, and I’m not going to stop until I do. 
Journal Entry #90 May 9th, 1980 – Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - April 17th 2017
Today was all work. With the nothing left to do but figure out a path forward to hide the lab within the timestream, I buckled down and accomplished more than I thought possible in a single day. I still have a lot more to do, but I worked out most of the advanced calculations, and discovered some surprising possibilities of how I can make the equations a reality. I’ll test my best guess frequency on a mockup lab tomorrow. If it works, I’ll make a plan to return to 2022 and cloak the lab before the spooks have a chance to find us.   
Journal Entry #89 May 8th, 1980 – Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - April 16th 2017
We took a trip to the city. I was a little worried someone would recognize Karen, but it’s been eight years in her timeline since she would have disappeared, and she’s changed her look so much she’s we moved to her future. There were a few places she still recognized, and we made sure no one was there who would have recognized her before we entered. 

It’s going to take a few days for me to cobble together a plan. I should have thought a little more before deciding on the date to return. The good news is I brought enough spare parts with me to construct what I need a few times over, and if I’m missing something, I’ll be able to traverse the timeline with my now functional device. The hard part will be to get back to my lab undetected to test out the tachyon field. I’ll run some simulations here first before then.  
Journal Entry #88 May 7th, 1980 – Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - April 15th 2017
The test was successful, but I didn’t have time to think about what to do next before the spooks arrived. I barely had time to grab Karen’s hand before I flipped the switch. The one good thing is I’m more prepared now, and the new improved device hides the temporal signature with a rotating quantum frequency. Some schuck in another dimension will get a visit from the spooks instead of me. It sounds worse than it actually is, since I rigged the frequency rotator to reverse the origin of the spooks within five seconds of their arrival. I’d give anything to see the look on their face the next time they try looking for me.  
Journal Entry #87 May 6th, 2022 – Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - April 14th 2017
I hate feeling this way, like everyday someone is after me or something goes wrong. Fortunately, no one found me and nothing broke. I have the device ready except for one component, which I’ll test tomorrow. The lab is another story. I still remember the warnings my future self told me, even if they younger version of my myself in the other timeline contradicted. At this point, though, I can’t keep going on like this. If the spooks find me, I’ll just have to be well armed. 
Journal Entry #86 May 5th, 2022 – Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - April 13th 2017
It’s been awhile since I’ve been this driven. I spent twenty hours straight search for a way to get off the ground with my plan, and I still feel like I could go another twenty. Karen’s been nothing but supportive, and so far the tech has been cooperating too. I almost have a newly built time device, one that’s close enough to the old one but masks any temporal signature. It’s the same trick that’s going to let me run the lab outside the view of the spooks. I hope you’re ready Reset, because I’m coming for you.
Journal Entry #85 May 4th, 2022 – Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - April 12th 2017
A spook who calls himself Reset sent me a video. I couldn’t look at it more than a few seconds. What he did to Mitch was unspeakable. I still don’t understand why Mitch sacrificed himself to help me. I tried to keep the video from Karen, but when she saw the reaction in my eyes, she forced me to relent. 

Karen was devastated, worse than anything she’d seen so far. I could see a little of her spark die. That made me hate the spooks more than anything else ever could. It’s taking everything I’ve got not to let the hate and rage take over. After what just happened, I’m wondering if it’s worth the effort to fight it. Maybe it’s better to give in and embrace the hate. Regardless, they’re going to pay. That much I swear.
Journal Entry #84 May 3rd, 2022 – Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - April 11th 2017
Mitch came through with the SLAC chip. He even helped me retrieve the buried time device, but I shouldn’t have let him do it. It was a risk I should have taken alone. I tried to talk him out of it, but he refused to listen. He dug up the device, and disassembled the components. He sent a mutual former colleague with a message and the component I needed. 

Mitch said they were after him. I don’t know how he was able to get away only to get taken seconds later, but that’s what happened. I only have myself to blame, but I’m not going to let this second, or should say third, chance go to waste. Mitch paid for it, and for all I know, with his life. I’m going to make this right. I’m going to find a way to stop the spooks once and for all, but first I'm going to get back Mitch.     
Journal Entry #83 May 2nd, 2022 – Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - April 10th 2017
I woke up in cold sweats dreaming about the spooks capturing Karen. After I fell back asleep, my mind went hacking away at solution to the problem. I may have found one. I’ll have to dig up the time device to do it, and that means the spooks can track us if I can’t get the piece of tech out that I need fast enough. 

The benefit is that if I manage to do it, I can piece together my own quantum drive. I’ll need a spare SLAC chip, but Mitch has a few spares he can give me. If it works, it will turn the tables on the spooks, and I’ll be the one who’ll be able to track them.    
Journal Entry #82 May 1st, 2022 – Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - April 9th 2017
I spent the entire day with Karen. The time travel work isn’t going anywhere. Mitch looked like he needed a break from the stress of giving us access time on the quantum computer, so we hunkered down in a quaint cafe overlooking the river a couple blocks from the institute. I know it’s polluted, but it was still beautiful to watch, especially at dusk. 

Tonight was especially arresting. The clouds cast a rose colored shadow on the water. We watched as the hours ticked away and the light faded into darkness. For a while, I let myself forget the events of the last few months, except for meeting Karen. She’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I don’t deserve her.   
Journal Entry #81 April 30th, 2022 – Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - April 8th 2017
Today was a bust. We increased the size of the probe, and it nearly blew up in our face. Mitch is squeamish now about trying again. He’s worried the quantum drive will break down if we do, and he’ll lose his job or worse. I can’t say I don’t blame him, but I’m not going to get to send back any more probes in the near future. 

Mitch was kind enough to continue to let me use the quantum computer as long as I don’t hook anything up. It’s not ideal, but at least I can still get some work done.  
Journal Entry #80 April 29th, 2022 – Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - April 7th 2017
We celebrated tonight. With Mitch’s help, we rigged a tiny probe to test out the tachyon field. The hope was to send it back with a video camera and monitor the frequency within a small box as we sent it through time along different forks in the multiverse. We sent back three different probes, each one slightly larger than the previous. It worked. 

We still need to scale up the device to match the mass of the lab, but based on the readings, I don’t expect any problems. If everything works out tomorrow, the lab could be up and running in a week. 
Journal Entry #79 April 28th, 2022 – Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - April 6th 2017
I brought Karen in to watch me work. She seemed interested, but I couldn’t tell if she was just being kind or if she was genuinely fascinated. I can say for someone with no background in quantum physics, she’s no slouch. Either way, she was thrilled when she saw the reaction on my face when I successfully created a scaled version of the tachyon field with the SLAC accelerator. It was only a subatomic version of what we need, but it’s one step closer than where we were yesterday.
Journal Entry #78 April 27th, 2022 – Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - April 5th 2017
I took the day off to spend time with Karen and clear my head. It’s amazing how your best ideas reveal themselves when you’re not trying. After dinner, the thought occurred to me I could turn the lab into a giant quantum drive of sorts. The tachyon field would act as a conductor between branching timelines. It would require a fixed point in this universe and a conductor with the ability to cross timelines using the same properties as a quantum drive. 

I’ll run an inventory of materials tomorrow to see if we're missing anything. We may get out of this yet. 
Journal Entry #77 April 26th, 2022 – Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - April 4th 2017
Just the short time I’ve spent working with Mitch on the SLAC accelerator has opened my eyes to greater possibilities. The early numbers suggest a stable tachyon field surrounding the lab is possible, but the thought crossed my mind that I might not need to return to the lab after all. I’ll talk to Mitch about it tomorrow, but we have everything I need here. The tough time will be reserving computer time. So far, there's been no sign of the spooks in the last couple of days. I’m wondering how long I should wait before I reach out to my mother. 
Journal Entry #76 April 25th, 2022 – Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - April 3rd 2017
I lucked out with the Steven’s Institute for Technology. My old colleague, Mitch, still works there, and I explained our current predicament. He’s willing to give me some off the books time on the quantum drive in exchange for helping him with his current project. It will still take a while for me to access all the files I need and recreate my lost data from the lab in New York, but I have a potential way out now to evade the spooks and continue with my research. I might even find a way to beat them for good.

I had dinner with Mitch and his family. Karen was overjoyed. She got to see more friends of mine and have decent dinner without too much concern for whether or not we were being watched.
Journal Entry #75 April 24th, 2022 – Bobbie Raiser
Written by Roy Huff - April 2nd 2017
I used today to think. It’s a luxury I haven’t afforded myself recently, but one misstep could prove fatal if I make the wrong choice. I know I can’t second guess myself over every decision, but the stakes are too high to screw up any one of the next few choices. If I create the tachyon field around the lab and I’m wrong, we could end up dying instantly if the field pushes us into the wrong timeline or branch in the multiverse. If I do nothing, our choices will be made for us, and the spooks will eventually track us down. 

This evening, I found myself walking with Karen along Frank Sinatra Drive gazing